The Pheomelanin Phenomenon ~ A Fred Weasley Love Story

Hi all! This is my second Quibblo story (my first being 'Unicorn Hair and Dragon Heartstring- A Draco Malfoy Love Story'. Check it out!) and I really, really hope you like it. I love hearing feedback, so leave a comment or drop me a message if you have something to say! I really hope you enjoy this!


Chapter 1

The First Denial

by: Buffy__

“Give it back!” The Gryffindor boy said indignantly as Steven held his book above his head and Mary cackled hysterically.
“You’ll have to get it yourself.” Steven chortled “Reach your stubby arms a bit higher.”
The young boy jumped, but to no avail. It wasn’t really fair. The Gryffindor was short, true enough, but Steven was something of a giant. I sighed irritably. This had been going on for about five minutes and was getting tiresome. I grabbed the book out of Steven’s hand and threw it across the floor. The Gryffindor boy chased after it as Steven gave me a dismayed look. Mary was still laughing at the boy who was now crawling under a table to reach his book.
“What was that for?” Asked Steven
“He’s tiny, and you’re huge, and I’m bored of standing about like an idiot, and given the difference in your sizes, I didn’t think he was going to be getting his book back anytime soon.”
“But he deserved it, little toad.” Screeched Mary “He almost knocked me over.”
“He stepped on your toe.” I scoffed as the three of us walked through the doors and outside onto the Hogwarts grounds where a large number of students had brought their lunch to enjoy the first day of summer.
“Whose side are you on, Fate?” Asked Steven. We passed by Pansy Parkinson and some of her female friends, and Steven puffed out his chest when they started giggling as he walked past. He was considered quite good looking by most of the Slytherin girls, and probably even girls from other houses, though they’d never admit it. I’ve always been immune to his charms, but even I could admit that he wasn’t unattractive, with his height and the muscles that corded his arms. He had naturally olive skin and dark hair with light stubble darkening his chin. Mary, on the other hand was not so attractive. She was slight but bony and had bad posture, with heavy black hair that was always knotty and appeared permanently greasy. She a rat-like face, with unfortunate teeth and a long, pointed nose. But despite her unfortunate appearance, and although she appeared as having slightly hysterical temperament, she was actually a fun person to be around when you got to know her better, as was Steven, despite his vanity and pride. The three of us became friends when we sat in the same carriage on our first trip to Hogwarts, five years ago. It was common knowledge that during our first three years of school, Mary developed a crush on Steven and Steven one on me, but since then these attractions had died away (well, Steven’s crush on me had died anyway), and now we were just an unlikely group of best friends.

“Hey, watch this.” Steven whispered as he spotted Collin Creevy walking by himself and cleaning the lens of his camera with some ridiculous specialised lens-cleaning cloth. Steven snuck up behind him and grabbed his shoulders, simultaneously shouting boo!.Creevy let out a high-pitched squeal and jumped about a mile in the air. It was extremely hilarious and Mary and I fell about giggling as Collin tried to retain his composure and scurried away.

“Careful Herd, that kind of trick could break one of your perfect nails.” Fred Weasley mocked Steven, who scowled in return.
“Shut up, Gingerbread Head.” Retaliated Mary lamely.
“Oh yes, very witty. But careful now, you may offend your ginger-haired friend.” Fred Weasley was, of course, referring to me. My hair wasn’t exactly ginger, but more gold with a red-ish shine.
“Shut up, Weasley, we don’t have time for your idiocy. And I’m not a ginger.” I said, grabbing Steven and Mary by their sleeves and stalking off with them.
“Deniiiiaaaal.” Fred Weasley called after us in a sing song voice.

I didn’t know then that denying my hair colour was nowhere near as big as the denials that were to come when it came to Fred Weasley.

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