The Pheomelanin Phenomenon ~ A Fred Weasley Love Story

Hi all! This is my second Quibblo story (my first being 'Unicorn Hair and Dragon Heartstring- A Draco Malfoy Love Story'. Check it out!) and I really, really hope you like it. I love hearing feedback, so leave a comment or drop me a message if you have something to say! I really hope you enjoy this!


Chapter 6

Going through the Motions

by: Buffy__

I AM SO SORRY! If there are any of you who actually plan to read this and haven't given up on me, I am so sorry for dissapearing. I know, it's been, like, three months or something since I was last on Quibblo. I have no exuse except that I've been super busy. Anyway, if there are any of you who are still out there, I have another chapter for you! If you've all given up... Well, I guess here's another chapter for the sake of it. Anyhoo, sorry again, and here's Chapter 6!

My heart thundered against my ribs as Fred emerged from the open double doors, and I could feel my face burning.
“Look,” I said as soon as he was within view “I just wanted to say that last night I was drunk and stupid and nothing meant anything because I dislike you.” I saw shock cross Fred’s face. Good. “Yep, that’s right, I dislike you. You’re ridiculous, you’re…” I struggled to think of a typically Slytherin-like insult. I needed to convince him that I really was Slytherin, through and through. “You’re a blood-traitor.” I blurted, almost to my surprise. I generally avoided being horrible about the upbringing of people, but now was not the time to be a nice person. Now was the time to make sure Fred would hate me for a long, long time. “You, your whole family, the lot of you are just a bunch of blood-traitors, not to mention your mu…” I couldn’t do it, couldn’t quite cross that line. Couldn’t call them ‘mudbloods’. “Mu…ggleborn friends.”
Fred’s jaw was clenched and he seemed to struggle for words. Finally swearing in an outlet of breath before laughing bitterly, he said “No, you know what? You’re the ridiculous one, Frelle. Do you even remember what a fool of yourself you made last night? Running away from a guy you’d obviously just led on and got sick of, stumbling about drunkenly, giggling like an idiot. And then you kissed me, and who knows where you were planning to go with that? You’re a little slut, you know? Disgusting.”
I gaped at him. He really thought that that that’s why Joshua was following me? That maybe we’d been making out and I got bored, or something? And to make it sound as though I’d forced myself upon him, as though he hadn’t kissed me back… I couldn’t think of anything to say, I just stood there, opened mouthed, like the idiot he’d just accused me of being. After a few silent moments, I couldn’t stand anymore. I turned and walked away, forcing myself not to run like I wanted to.

As soon as the words left his lips, Fred regretted them. Fool. Idiot. Slut. Disgusting. The words seemed to hang in the air between Fred and Fate, blanketing them in a shocked silence. He almost couldn’t stand the way Fate was looking at him, so aghast. He hadn’t meant a single one of those words. He was as much at fault as she was, but he’d twisted the situation completely. He almost apologised, but then refrained: There was no point. It would be better if she hated him enough that they’d never speak again. Finally, Fate turned and walked quickly away, her footsteps echoing throughout the hallway. Fred watched her thick, gold hair swaying against her back, like some kind of magical waterfall. The sun coming in from the windows seemed to get caught in the red parts of her hair, highlighting them and making them light up. He almost couldn’t stand another second of her beautiful hair when she rounded a corner. The sound of her footsteps became louder and faster as she presumably broke into a run. Fred sighed. Why did he feel so guilty? She’d said bad things as well. And why did he even care how she felt? She was just some Slytherin girl, so insignificant and unimportant in his life before last night. A sudden swell of anger overtook Fred, and he whacked the stone wall with the heel of his palm. The sound reverberated around him and, despite the sting of his palm, Fred felt slightly satisfied. It was okay. He’d never have to talk to Fate again, he’d avoid her in class… Soon enough, the whole thing would blow over. For now, all he could do was wait for his stomach to stop twisting when he thought of her, and to wait for her cheeks to stop flushing when she saw him. It was easy enough, in theory. In practice, however... The waiting was the worst part.

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