Naruto 7 minutes in heaven

Naruto 7 minutes in heaven

This is my naruto seven minutes in I luv naruto.the show.anyways iv done some research on quibblos and how the most popular quizzes are made but its still origanal.enjoy luv you

Chapter 2

sasuke uchiha

by: _Terbear_
"Two" you said."that's me."sasuke said. You got up and walked to the closet.sasuke followed behind look to see sakura and ino glaring at you."oh well you,guess you two have to deal!! "You shouted.sasuke chuckled while he closed.the door."your cool with me "he said."what cause I told the two pigs off."he started to laugh.there was a silant moment until sasuke broke the silance"here's the thing....I have a...a crush on you...for long time."he started and stared to walk towards you.he lightly to.the wall and kissed your neck."let me know if you wanna stop."he whispered .he kissed you on the lips .it was rough but gentle.he rubbed his hand on your wrapped his other hand around your waist.each minute he kissed more passionately. He tickled you side. When you laughed he stuck he tongue in your mouth and battled your tougue for domanice. He won and explored your was fun.he broke for air as naruto opened the door."HEY PIG GET OFF OF SASUKE!! "Sakura said."whatever fangirls."sasuke grabbed your hand and walked towards the door."Hey where you going? "Naruto asked."TRAINING!!!"sasuke yelled while dragging you out.

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