Naruto 7 minutes in heaven

Naruto 7 minutes in heaven

This is my naruto seven minutes in I luv naruto.the show.anyways iv done some research on quibblos and how the most popular quizzes are made but its still origanal.enjoy luv you

Chapter 3

Kiba (special request)

by: _Terbear_
"NUMBER THREE "You was very exicited."bark!! "Akamaru said..well barked."that's me."Kiba said "lets go!! "You liked Kiba you too were best jumped up and walked to the closet.Kiba jogged into the closet to meet you there."here we go "he said while closeing the door."its awesome that I got you mika!"he said happily."oh..why is that kiba? "You said laughing. You saw him blushing even though it was dark."spit it out kiba!! "You somewhat yelled.he smiled and whispered in your ear "why don't I show you? "You smiled and knew exactly what he meant.he took off his jacket and thrown it on the floor.he laughed and kissed you roughly .you wrapped your arms around his neck and started messing with his hair you like his hair it was messy. He wrapped his arms around your waist. You held on to him for who knows felt a light on your face and herd giggling. You broke the kiss and saw everyone looking at you started to blush and let go of kiba who was like blood red.akamaru. barked and jumped into your laughed nervously as everyone laughed at you."he he oh well!! "Kiba said while he put his jacket .he grabbed your hand and you,akamaru, and kiba sat together for the rest of the night.

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