The Sad Story of my Ancestor's Chlamydosaurus Kingii

Chapter 1

by: _Ripple_
This story is an answer to the question asked by TheGirlFromDistrict4.

The Question was: Why did your ancestor's pet Chlamydosaurus Kingii do the can-can when it was supposed to be taking horse-riding lessons with The Greatest Jelly Bean ever and drop red paint all over The Big Blue Notebook and then put a brown paper bag over its head?

Here is my answer:

It's a sad story...You see, as a child the Chlamydosaurus Kingii always wanted to be a dancer, but he was shunned by his parents and friends. When he was fourteen, he ran away from home, but was kidnapped by my ancestor. He was forced to do things against his nature, like ride horses and drink champagne. That day a band was in town, and the Chlamydosaurus Kingii decided to rebel. He put a paper bag over his head so that no one would recognise him, and joined the crowd watching the band. When the band had finished playing, a competition was held in the same venue, a competition that would decide who the best dancer in the entire universe was. The Chlamydosaurus Kingii was the last one on stage...and his chosen dance was the can-can. After the performance, he was voted the best dancer out of everyone. What he hadn't realised until then ancestor was the one hosting the competition. Horrified by the thought of being discovered, he fled the stage, and made his way to the Big Blue Notebook, and pulled the paper bag off of his head. The paper bag was actually a magical bag! He held it out before him and said "Red Paint!" and red paint appeared in the bag. He used the paint to change the votes, so that he would not earn a significant place, and not recieve any fame that could lead to his secret being uncovered. Unfortunately, he accidentally spilled the paint over the notebook. He pulled the paper bag over his head just as my ancestor approached. My ancestor was furious when he saw that the notebook was ruined, and demanded that the Chlamydosaurus Kingii remove his disguise. The Chlamydosaurus Kingii did so reluctantly, and my ancestor was astonished to discover that it was his own pet that had won the competition. Reluctant to punish his pet, but still furious, he was at a loss for what to do. That day, my ancestor let his guard down, and the Chlamydosaurus Kingii escaped into the mountains, where he joined a group of travelling performers.

You can still see Chlamydosaurus Kingii today, for his magical paper bag granted him the gift of long-life, and he still travels occasionally, can-canning his heart out, from dusk 'till dawn, smiling at the fortune that life brought him.

The End :)

Wasn't that lovely? Thank you TheGirlFromDistrict4 for your question, I hope you found my answer adequate :)


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