Controlled Chaos

Group story with Polyjuicebrewer, enjoy! Comments are appreciated greatly, and ratings would make my day! :P

Earth is coming to an end. Global Warming causes floods, food shortages and hysteria- war rages fully.

But if you could save just one person -knowing she'd risk dying if she stayed- where would you send her?

Chapter 1


The girl strutted around in the alleyway, trying not to appear too drunk and fall over the edge of the gutter- a thing that would mean certain death.
Her dark eyes flitted around as two guards walked past, armed with their electric darts and heavy metal clubs. She held her breath- alcohol wasn't allowed, and she was quite sure her mouth reeked of the junk.
In fact, what was allowed these days? A snort followed. Nothing, really.
She swayed, her feet brushing the edge precariously, and then nearly slipping over it. The dark, cold, unending mist waited, and she leant back quickly, regaining her balance. She needed to get home. Before the alert sounded.
Thunder crackled above, and rain fell. The girl shivered.
The weather mimicked the government. Cold, electricity igniting the tension...The lightning wasn't uncommon here.
Her stomach rumbled in unison with the bad weather. When had she eaten last? She didn't remember. Another thing the government was picky with. Food. Huh. Tasteless meals that reeked of plastic and sterilizing stuff.
It was getting worse above her, but the girl was determined to keep moving. Shelter would mean getting home late, and that would mean her father would be sitting all alone at home- in his usual stiff posture, staring straight ahead of him, his once sharp eyes vacant.
The tall, round buildings around her looked cold and uninviting. They rose up high, and the girl couldn't resist looking up at them as she walked past the manufactured grey beaches with the bleak puddles in them. She looked up- and up and up and up and up...
The world spun around her as there seemed to be no end to the height of the buildings, and her eyes grew heavy. She tripped over her own feet and fell to the side of the small, dirty road, automatically rolling into the gutter. She swallowed her own vomit, and lost the will to get up.
The girl lay there, looked at the sky and then closed her eyes. Damn the world. Father can wait.
Within minutes, loud snores left her mouth. What she didn't know, of course, was that her whole fate was going to change in a matter of minutes, and it would start right there in that gutter.


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