10 songs survey repost.


Chapter 1


by: m3rcy616
Song # 1:
-Artist:: DevilDriver
-Title:: Devil's Son
-What is the very first lyric in the song?: "I am the one, I am the one that you need."
-Is that lyric significant to you in any way?: I guess so..
-What is the 4th line of the song?: "I am the one, I am the one that you need"(most of the song is repetition)
-Does that line make you think of a certain person?: Yeah.
-What is your favorite lyric in this song?: "What's left unsaid
Yeah things come around."

Song # 2:
-Artist:: Avenged Sevenfold
-Title:: Scream
-What is the last lyric of the song?: "Perishing."
-Replace the 2nd word of that lyric with the word "potato".: It wouldn't work.
-What is the 9th line of the song?: "So warm as I'm setting you free"
-What if that lyric was the new theme song to Sesame Street?: That would be pretty wrong.
-What lyric in this song do you relate to the most or find to be the truest?:
"We've all had a time where we've lost control,
We've all had our time to grow,"

Song # 3:
-Artist:: Rammstein
-Title:: Engel
-What is the chorus of this song?:
"Erst wenn die Wolken schlafengehn
kann man uns am Himmel sehn
wir haben Angst und sind allein"

-If someone you like sang the chorus to you would it be romantic?: No
-Replace the 10th word of the song with the word "beast":: wouldn't work, placing an engish word in German lyrics.
-Pick one word in the title of this song that you could name a pet:: Engel

Song # 4:
-Artist:: Celldweller
-Title:: Own Little World
-What is the first lyric in this song?: "Mutual sight, Mutual sound"
-What if your opinion of the entire song was based on that one lyric?: It's not much to go off of.
-What lyric reminds you most of one of your exes?:
"They're for themselves, it doesn't matter what they say
Promise the world then take it from you anyway
They'll break you down making your vision fadeaway
It's time to go: get outta my space"

-What if your #2 on myspace quoted the last lyric of the song to you?: don't have a myspace....
-If this song title was a movie title, what would the movie be about?:
probably a movie about someone's mental state...

Song # 5:
-Artist:: Linkin Park
-Title:: Runaway
-What is the most offensive/vulgar lyric in this song?: there really isn't one
-What if the 1st word in the song title was replaced with the word "hooker":: Then the song would be called hooker...
-What is the 10th line of the song?: "I wanna run away"
-Does that lyric remind you of a situation you've been in?: rot really, no.
-Does this song have a deep meaning, or is it just straight forward?: It's pretty straight forward

Song # 6:
-Artist:: Straight Line Stitch
-Title:: Laughing in the Rearview
-What if your last name was included in the song title?: wouldn't make much sense...
-What is the 5th line in the song?: Right up front for the whole world to see your display"
-Would that line be a good catch phrase for a commercial?:
not really.
-What is your favorite lyric in the entire song?: "You think I'd lose my edge over the third degree, excuse me if I disagree."

-Why is that your favorite?: It just kinda rings true.

Song # 7:
-Artist:: Rage Against the Machine
-Title:: Testify
-What if the 1st word in the Artist name was replaced with the word "poop":: Poop Against the Machine .... wouldn't really work.
-What is the funniest lyric in this song?: It's more of a political song, not really a funny one.
-What is the 8th lyric in this song?: "That cunning mantra of killing"
-What if there was a resturant named from the 1st and 5th word of that lyric: "That Killing"... wouldn't get much business.
-Is the word "heart" anywhere in the entire song?: No.

Song # 8:
-Artist:: Tool
-Title:: Undertow
-What if Marilyn Manson did a cover of this song?: It would be interesting, I can kinda see it.
-What is the chorus of this song?: "Shut up shut up shut up shut up
You're saturating me"
-What if your #5 myspace friend called you and sang the chorus to you?: Again, don't have myspace...
-Is that the best lyric in the song?: It's hard to pick the best lyrics of this song.

Song # 9:
-Artist:: Danny Elfman
-Title:: Oogie Boogie's song
-Would the title of this song make a good title for a Stephen King book?: possibly, but I could never see it happening.
-What is the 12th line in this song?: "If I don't die laughing first"
-Do you even like that lyric at all?: meh. I like Nightmare Before Christmas, but there's better lines in Oogie's song.
-Do you know all the words to this song?: Yes.
-What kind of mood does this song put you in?: The mood to watch the movie.

Song # 10:
-Artist:: AC/DC
-Title:: Decibel
-Replace the 3rd word in the Title with the word "beaver":: There's not a third word.
-What is the 7th line in this song?: "Sweating heat, soak you all"
-Does that lyric bring up any memories?: um... ya.
-Would this song be good in a fight scene in movie?: some parts.
-What is your favorite lyric in this song?:
"Give me rock and roll
They're in love
Love, in the rain
They're in there
rocking standing proud"


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