Seven [Different] Chances of Fate (Various Harry Potter Characters fanfic)

Because the number seven is the first high number that I knew the answer to if it was multiplied, thanks to my brother who challenged me when I was in grade one. This is going to be about various (different) characters from HP. If the first one is about Bagman, then the second one might be about Crookshanks. It depends on my mind, really.

Chapter 1

Number One: Luna

And did you know that you're my heart? And it hurts to be apart...

"Luna, my darling," whispered Xenophilius, staring wistfully with a frown out the window, straight at the luminous and bright full moon. A small tear cascaded from his blank eyes.

"Daddy..." mumbled Luna, normal, wide and protuberant eyes staring into nothingness. Her former vivacious, blonde hair was now limply stuck to her face, neck and skin, dankly moistured with filthy sweat and sneer-worthy dirt from the cellar.

The awful cuts, throbbing head and sprained limbs were not the worst of what they had all attained... Dark and terrible screams... those whips...

"Huh?" Ollivander's drooping head snapped up as if a professor at Hogwarts had caught him sleeping.

Luna shook her head. "Nothing."

The pitter-patter of the water from a faucet awakened their senses. Water? They were given a poor supply of it, this was like a chance of a lifetime!

The goblin, Griphook, sullenly scowled from the other corner of the cellar, forcing his body glued to the wall. Luna limped up, a suddenly alert Ollivander propping her up by the elbows and shoulders.

"There's water there, sir." said Luna, pointing at something vague under the barred and restricted window which felt like their only source of air. The air they shared, the air Griphook greedily inhaled, the air Luna and Ollivander shared.

The sound of their bare and bloody feet clad with cuts slapped the floor, sounding unusually loud. Mr. Ollivander, being generous, didn't hesitate to continue helping Luna and gulp up all the water from the faucet. He stayed beside her, showing her that there was still hope - all you needed was faith.

Ollivander, when they had reached the slight source of water, placed Luna's hand on the railings of the window, and the other on his shoulder. He bent, kneeled down, then cupped his hands under the ---

The cellar door creaked open. "And what is this?" Bellatrix's malicious voice cackled. "Prisoners planning to escape!"

Luna's eyes widened more, and Ollivander's heart felt like being ripped apart. No, not again...

Bellatrix laughed, producing her wand from the silks of her clothes. Their hearts thumped so hard against their skin, so hard that they felt like it was better that it was actually shredded to pieces and that they could actually feel it, rather than seeing Bellatrix's literally and metaphorically rotten smile.

She raised her wand higher, laughing manically.

"I miss you, daddy."


Miss me? Probably not. Read the intro. I won't be updating this after a week or two. Exams and stuff. Especially the entrance exam. Anyway, I haven't studied a bit yet, except for Science. Which really is just a teensy bit so I need to start tomorrow. So school exams clashing with entrance exam = disaster. I can't focus on the three major subjects that will be present for the high school entrance exam. Aaaannnnd... Try to guess who's the character that's up next!

Sincerely liking food more than people,

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