Red Devils Journal

A journal following the life of red hair shank's daughter as she finds her own path. not the best intro (im not good at writig these). also including important events of her life as well as the present. may include a OCxAce in later chapters

Chapter 1

Entry 1

"Sir, the lady is dead"
The governor Greyback had just been informed his wife lady charlotte had died from her long struggle with an illness she had caught however had been un-diagnosable by any doctor. He swept into her room for one last time, her chief hand maid standing by her bed too. Charlottes light brown hair still perfect without a hair out of place and fallen around her shoulders; her sky blue eyes where closed as if she was in a deep sleep instead of dead. She had been the most beautiful person that had ever graced this harbour city which overlooked the west blue. She was gone though. Forever. Greyback couldn't look at her for much longer as it pained him too much.
He then strode over to another room and stared through the doorway; this one was a Childs room. It was dark since the girl was sleeping. The governor could never bring himself to call her his child or daughter, as far as he saw her she was a abomination, a bastard child. Her red hair fell in front of her face: blood red hair. He slammed the door shut thinking the girl was asleep; she wasn't.
Mitsuki lay in the dark alone like normal. Her mother was dead. "It will be fine honey in the morning, I just need some rest ok" those were her last words to her and her mother had lied. The governor hated her: never even speaking to her just glaring most of the time, he didn't even let her call him dad and when she had once he exploded into a fury of anger; if her mother hadn't of been there to stop him then the governor could of killed her by the look in his eyes. Her mother had protected her so much from the governor's wrath so who would stop him now? Her mother had always been so loving and kind to everyone but the governor was cold and harsh, why would she marry a man like that? So many questions that she would never have the answers to.

shouts came from the town outside the walls: it was no doubt that this would of happened. The governor had a hatred of pirates and had restricted them as much as he could with the penalty of death so it was only a matter of time before the pirates would rebel since this town was a prime trading and ship building port. Mitsuki shot up from her bed and went running out of her room.
"Lady mitsuki" one of the maids shouted catching her as mitsuki ran past "you need to get to safety from the pirates"
Mitsuki was then carried away against all protests back into her small room which was then locked behind her.

"Let me out!" mitsuki screamed punching the door repeatedly yet it didn't budge at all: she was trapped helplessly inside. Mitsuki fell to her knees as tears danced down her face: "how can I be so helpless? I have to rely on everyone to look after me. I cannot keep going like this" she cried to herself as she listened to the noise coming through the other side of the door.
Thuds came from downstairs as the pirates rammed at the manor doors till it broke. Shouts then came as the pirates crammed into the house wrecking everything in their rampage: vases being smashed, tables turned to splinters, paintings ripped. Then there was the unmistakable sound of bullets followed by deathly silence-someone had won she wasn't sure who though. It had just happened so fast; had it been the governors guards?
Mitsuki looked around her room, the door was locked but the window wasn't. Mitsuki climbed out the window and using the vines growing on the side of the building although she was only 6 mitsuki could easily get to the next room by gripping only to the wall cracks and vines. She got to the guest room in a matter of seconds; running through the open door and onto the upstairs landing. The pirates had lost.

She stared down at the scene: pirate's littered the floor helplessly covered in their own blood while the guards from the protection squad standing around in their lines like robots with emotionless faces: didn't they feel anything from killing these people who were simply fighting for their rights?
In the front of them was the governor.
"Sir!" mitsuki called in glee
The governor turned around; anger was radiating from him but mitsuki didn't care and ran down the stairs still in her nightie and ran into his chest before wrapping her arms around him. She was glad he was still alive after that: her only family left even if he was not the best father figure.
It was not returned though. The guards soon filed out of there as quietly as they had came. Once they were gone the governor showed his true colours.
Mitsuki crashed against the wall falling to the floor like a rag doll; blood trickled down her face.
"You bastard child. This was your fault. The whole city is ablaze because of you. Get out you red hair pirates bastard child!" he screamed

Mitsuki turned and ran to her mother's room in fright where her mother lay like snow white waiting for her prince.she cried silently to her mother's corpse too shocked and sad to say anything outloud. Slamming her fists down onto the floor board as a wave of anger washed over her while hot tears ran down her face even more. A crack came from the board under one of her fists. Mitsuki stopped her rage to look down at the board; it was a storage hole. Inside was something, she couldn't see it very clear: a box? Mitsuki dug her hand inside:it was a small blue box; she opened the lid. inside was a golden locket with a cresent moon engraved on the front. she carefully lifted the trinket out of the box; underneath was a note. mitsuki noticed it too, put the necklace down next to her and took the note out:
Dear mitsuki
if you are reading this then my time has proberly come or you have been looking through my stuff again if thats the case then you better go before greyback comes. if i am dead then this now belongs to you, this locket is quite precious as well as powerful but i think you will understand when your older. keep it safe and away from greyback, i know he loves me but his heart is full of hate and anger. never let this fall into the wrong hands and use it with your heart; do this and it will never fail you. i truley believe that your the one who will learn its name and complete it. you see the locket is not complete; theres a second half to it: the sun locket. theres a rumour that it can be found where the sun touches the earth in the heat of a golden midday yet all i could find to narrow that down is that it is located in the grand line somewhere: you remember the map i showed you of where the grand line is? thats all i can say about the locket since not much is known as there has not been a person that has been able to unlock its full power. i am sorry that i am practically leaving you alone: greyback thinks i dont see the looks he gives you, you have no friends from this town as you have never really been able to escape these walls while being the governours daughter. but it does not have to end that way. live your life while you can. remember the stories i told you about how magical the sea truley is. i love you and love only makes you stronger.
be careful my child
your mother

"I cannot stay in this place" she thought "I'm gonna go to the sea like mother always told me. The sea is safe she said for us, it's a beautiful place where the wildest dreams come true and adventures you can only think impossible happen every day."
Mitsuki had watched the sea from her window and had heard her mother's stories yet she had never been allowed anywhere near the harbour before but if she wanted to get away then maybe she could steal away on a ship or steal a small ship and get away.

"I'm going to find my way mother which is with the sea. Its pulling me towards it I can feel it like a magnet" she whispered "I will be fine so don't worry about me. I'm going to see the world and live my life" she prayed to her mother silently.
Mitsuki ran out the room taking the moon locket with her then placing it around her neck and into her own, stuffed a few things into her bag and leapt out her window landing like a cat before running towards the harbour at the edge of the city. No one noticed her since most people were trying to fix the damage that had been done to their homes and streets. She got the harbour in no time but by this time she was lost; she was just wandering aimlessly but at this time it was cold and dark but she refused to go back there no matter what. She found shelter under a dock with the seagulls and seaweed for company; she was only dressed in her thin nightie and had a small blanket packed but the cold wind still wiped at her.

She slept for 5 days under that dock without being noticed or missed like a street child playing with the locket most of the time; on the third day she became ill. Her muscles burned every time she moved, she was vomiting, it was hard to keep awake and her lungs were gasping for air most of the time as she coughed nonstop. She also hadn't eaten anythingand was getting weaker by the day. She felt like dying at this point; one the 5th night she crawled her way to the top side of the dock hoping she could just get killed by a gang while she was sleeping or something; it had just been 5 days but she was frail and sickly pale. She tried to stay awake as long as possible but her vision was blurring badly till she could only see blobs of colour.
"Hey" a voice shouted as a black blob came running towards her "you ok?" it knelt down beside her she would of replied but had no strength left to.
It ran its finger through her hair "CAPTAIN! You better come quickly"
More blobs appeared; one came running towards her, her vision cleared a bit, she could see they guy better: man, 3 scars on eye, a white shirt, straw hat, red hair but at this point she completely passed out into a world of darkness.

She woke coughing: a bitter taste in her mouth; the first thing she saw was a wooden ceiling and the first thing she heard was the sound of waves. Where was she? Whose house was this?
"How are you doing?"
Mitsuki looked over from her bed; it was that man again. She tried to get up to get forced back down by her muscles that couldn't take her weight.
"no don't get up, you need to rest" he looked at her with concern
She nodded in reply; she was in no shape to argue
"What's your name?" he asked
"mitsuki" she weakly mustered
The expression changed on the man; he looked surprised then happy
"Who are you?" she coughed
He wandered closer to her from his original position and played with her hair: the same colour hair
"my name is Shanks" he sighed "I'm your father"

It had been 13 years from that day-I have been travelling the world with the red hair pirates from that day onwards; the crew at first hadn't seemed that keen on me cause I was only a child and a pirate ship isn't the best place for a 6 year old but after a few weeks I was a valued member of the crew. I did find that power from the locket which has always helped me to protect the people i care about mind I also trained in haki (I only know 2 though but i am undienably the best Kenbunshoku user since i havent met anyone who could best it) and swordship as well. I'm the right hand of the ship which practically means I work with the first mate and will take over as captain if something happens to my father or if he's too drunk or hung over. 6 years ago I have made my own name: red devil by the marines which could be due to my hair and the supposed way i cheat death. since they go red too although I can ensure that the rumours aren't exactly true...except the taking down a fleet of marines by myself...but I get put up with by the marines cause I'm usually the one keeping the crew inline while drunk and stopping them from doing anything stupid. This is a insight of when I first encountered the straw hats as well as some important events in my life so far; you read about how I found my way to the sea and found a true family.

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