You've got that One Thing!!~ Liam Payne LS

You've got that One Thing!!~ Liam Payne LS

Name: Emma Horan
Age: 17
Family: Mum, Dad (go away ALOT!!) Niall
Birthday: 13th March
Friends: Sophie (Not for a while!) The boys, her brother (They are supertight!!) Lucy and Jenni
Enimes: Jane and Louise

Can you write me a couple of friends? I've got one based on my friend Sop!!

Chapter 3

Wow, really Wow.

What she is wearing:

ZYAN!!ZYANY!!ZYANY!! Here comes Louise and her herific screaming!! How can Zyan stand /it/ I shudered at the thought of Louise!! God she's annoying!!
Oh Hey Louise me and Maddie couldn't hear your herific screaming! How are you Zyans not here its sad really he went out with Maddies friends Jessie! I said blently ingnoring her face sieriously don't look at it you WILL become blind!! How did Zyan end up with her!!
He's here!! I Know he is!! He texted me!!
You have friends? GASP!! Ya know what Maddie you learn something new everyday!! I said in suprise.
I know Emma!! Maddie gasped too.
Louis!! I yelled across the house.
Emma!! He yelled back
THANKS He replied, I stuck my tounge out even though he couldn't see it.
Harry Ya know I love you?
Get Zyan
Louise is here His faced scrunched up, he didn't like louise as much as me and maddie. He walked in to the other room and came back with Zyan.
Louise Baby I'm- She cut himk off with a passionate kiss. Urgh! I hate watching this.
Kk He said running in to the room.
Bet I could beat you to the garden!! I said jumping up and down.
Bet cha you can't!! They were still kissing. URGH!!
GO!! Yelled Maddie.
I won!! You beat me?
coz I'm offically the best! Now lets play!!
Liam I said holding his hand, I felt sparks and pulled back. Weird.
Emma I really like you...
Thats noce Liam you in goal?
K Liam out with me?
I blushed crimson Um..Yeah Liam but on one condiction or more?
Deal He said smiling.
1) No getting jelouse!! I hate jelouse dudes!
Got it He siad
2) Don't insulte Niall, and I'm allowed to say love you like friend love ya know to the rest of the guys. He nodded.
And finally the most important point of all I said looking at him NEVER INSULT NANDOS!! I said to him.
Got it! We began to play, then it kind of turned in to rugby...then he kissed me!! It was amazing sparks were flying. Our lips moved in sync perfectly. I was as more happy then I had ever been before. We pulled apart and grinned.
Wow, really Li Wow! I said pecking him on the cheek and running inside!

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