About Me (update 2013)

For all those who already know me/ taken my quiz:

I needed a cookie. And I was bored. You know what that means :3.

So yeah. This is for ppl who know me, or want to friend me. Read away!

Chapter 1

Ajthe (whatever the heck my name is now)

Name: Andre,Anthony,Tony, Antwon,or Square. Take your pick :D
Age:/14 (Freshmen rock)/ Haha no they don't, I'm 15 and a sophmore
Status: Bored, and slightly lonely...(which means I need a new, casual,and slightly flirty relaionship! Apply at my page, XD I'm only slightly serious)

I'm a musician :3. I sing, play the violin, and do percussion (snare,bass,triangle and stuff) I do solo's at my Church for singing( they give me like a week's notice: fail), and I'm in JV chorus (going for Varsity nxt year) I played drums/percussion for about 4-5 years, and I lead the section. Violin, I'm in Concert Strings I, and I'm 4th chair (and yes, there are more than seven chairs :P). I take this stuff seriously. Like I hate it when ppl say "I'm a musician!" if they can't even read music. Oh, and just because you have a great singing voice, doesn't mean your a great singer. Just keepin' it real. I used to consider myself a songwriter, till I decided I didnt write enough actual music: not just lyrics and rythms, but actual notes,deciding what key signature and time meter, what accidentals to use, etc. So I basically quit.

Oh and my favorite music genres are supa different: rock and funk :D. I stil like rap and stuff, but rock and funk pwns. Bands: Aerosmith,Parliament,The Beatles, Hall&Oates, and more.

Football,Track,and Taekwondo. Their all great, but Taekwondo takes prize for me. (Though I like pro-football waaay better) I get to kick butt, and not get in trouble for it! Oh and I have a tournament in March; fighting random ppl for glory and fame. Wish me luck! And I'm part nerd-part athlete dude.

Not much else to say here.

--Food XD--
I eat all the time, but I don't gain weight it all. It's totally epic. I eat pizza, mulitple cheeseburgers,fries, lamb, steak, chicken...That sorta thing. I likez meat (Don't think it, don't think it..ok, your thinking it aren't you?). Oh and I kinda have a sweet tooth: Starbucks coffee/coffee shakes are my life. And candy corn. I lurve candy corn. It's an addiction, a legit addicition.

takes out Value Size bag of candy corn :3

I swear, this is what have you guys have been waiting for. First things first: I'm straight. Just gotta put that out there. Oh and I was recently dumped in December, (plz dont ask) so I'm available ;). I'm pretty nice, and kinda flirty. But if I'm flirting, you'll know it. And no, I haven't flirted with any of the girls I have friended right now. I like the whole "casual relationship thing". If I date on Quibblo, it'll be the only type of relationship I have. Just 'cuz we're hanging, doesn't mean I have a crush on you.

So basically, come at me girls! XD lol.

Fun/funny. And random. Really random. I'm nice, and I don't cuss at ppl (much). I take crap, but only for so long. I'll fight or get up in someones face if it gets serious, but I don't look for/ try to fight all the time. I alternate from high, calm, and sometimes depressed. Sometimes I randomly feel lonely, and try to find/ talk to the nearest kewl & hot girl I can find. I don't take life seriously, and I try to put others feelings foremost. Oh, and I can be dirty :3

Had to be said. I'm a Christian, and my denomination is Roman Catholic. I'm really religious/pious at times, but it usually won't really affect day-to-day conversation. I respect all other religions (as long as your not Twilightian. Twilightian= Edward Cullen as your god XD), and yes, I think that Atheism technically is a religion. Oddly enough, I have a love of theology. Summae Thelogica forever!

My definition of good reads: Percy Jackson Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles, Artemis Fowl, The Lost World, The Hunger Games...What am I forgetting? Oh yeah...HARRY POTTER, HARRY POTTER, HARRY POTTER!!! Harry Potter makes me geek out. I'm a good writer, and you'll soon be seeing my Hunger Games fan-fic.
On a less important side note:

Oh and to ppl who have friended me and who want to, don't send me extremely sad/depressing stories. It reminds me of the bad times I had. And ppl who send me that stuff annoy me, and I seriously don't know why you would show everybody your sad experiences and stories. Just don't do it. It's an offense punishable by un-friending :P

So, that's basically me! Comment and/or try to friend me :).

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