For story contest (for DaughterOfABiitch)


Chapter 1

First day of school is ALWAYS a BLAST! (notice sarcasm)

This's Mia's first day at a new school. She's finally made some friends when she sees her friend's boyfriend and she falls in love with him. Mia doesn't want to steal him away but she wants him.
(my friends pics on fb... Chose the ones who i thought fit best. I love my buds with all my heart)

I look at the huge school, backpack slung onto my shoulders and a schedule in my hands. I intake a deep breath and walk into the school. Kids either ignore me or stare at me. I hate being new. I look back down at the paper to see my locker number. #226. I continue to count the lockers, untill I finally come to mine. I see a girl opening the locker rigt next to mine. She looks somewhat scary. I quietly open the locker and drop off all the materials that I won't need. I hear a locker door shut and I see her lying on the row of lockers watching me and chewing her gum, continuing to pop it.
"So you are new huh? I am Alexandra. But call me Alexi." She holds out her hand. Is she being nice to me? I take it and tell her my name, Mia. She nods.
"You know, for a newbie you seem pretty chill." She pops a bubble and looks away from me for half a second, raising an eyebrow. "Hunk of meat coming at six o' clock." I turn around and then something happens that usually only happens in movies. Everything starts to move really slowly.
He saunters down the hallway with a great smile on his face. Everyone looks at him with admiration. All the girls wave at him like he is a movie star. He moves with so much grace that my insides start to tingle. To my great luck, he appears right at my locker, well on the other side of mine. He opens it, gets a couple of binders, and then shuts the locker. He finally notices me and everything turns back to a nornal speed.
"Oh hey, you are new right? I'm Chris. Short for Chris. Pleasure to meet you." He notices Alexi and says hi to her as well, but then turns back to me.
"So do you need help with anything? I see that you found your locker and got it open. Do you know where your classes are?" I actually have the map memorized, but wanting to spend more time with him, I shook my head and handed him my paper.
A pretty blond girl appears out of nowhere and latches onto his arm.
"Hey, babe. What are you up to?" He leans down to kiss her on the lips. They kiss for what seems like forever. He finally stops.
"Hey sweetheart. I was just helping the new girl." The preppy blond grins at me.
"Hey. I'm Jenna. How do you like the school so far?" I barely comprehend a word she is saying because inside my head, I am thinking, 'Why are all the good guys always taken?'.
Have you ever been heartbroken? Have you ever FELT like your heart literally broke. Well I just did.

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