Baby, I'm Not Like The Rest (Joey Richter)

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Chapter 1

Gahh Kendall, stop eye raping Joey

by: Charxoxo
I walked out of the Basement Arts door, making my way to the bus pick-up area. I made the stupid choice of not getting gas last night, ergo having to ride the bus.


I jump alittle outta my skin, turning around seeing my brother in his car. I gave him a whats your deal look and made my way over.

"Brian Holden your such a jerk." I said. Him and Joey kept laughing, wiping tears from their eyes.

"Kendall, you . . . shoulda . . . seen your . . . face." I rolled my eyes, leaning up against the door.

"What are you two doing here, you graduated already. Ya know most kids dont normally come back to a school when they leave one and are done with one." It took them a minute to answer back, still composing a slight giggle.

"We were bored and wanted to see if you were coming to Laurens tonight?" Joey said, smiling slightly. I smiled back, feeling a blush coming up on my neck.

“I dont know I have finals this week. I really need to study for French, I would like to have at least a C in that class so the rents won't freak.'

"Oh! Get in the car, one night away from the books wont kill ya. Besides, the guys miss you. It seems like we only see you at rehearsal these days." I chuckled, still excited that Brian and The Langs let me became a Starkid when they saw my first theater production I got to be apart of when I started Basement Arts and UMich.

I gave him my look. Sure, I might be the little sister of Brian Holden and six years younger, but when I give him the look, I aint playing.

"Pleaaaaaseee K-Jo! be fun! Well party all night. Plus Im your best friend I know your schedule, you don’t have class tomorrow." I signed, opening the back seat door, lord forbid, ya cant say no to Joey-freakin-Richter.

"Can we at least stop by my place so I can change. I feel like a mop bucket." Joey turned around in his seat, looking me up and down.

"I think you look quite beautiful Kendall Jace!" He turned back around, thankfully, before he saw my blush. I looked down at my skinny jeans, my white and grey loose tank top, and dark blue cardigan. I ran my hand threw my long brown hair then my side bangs before I reached into my shoulder purse for my mirror. Expecting to have my mascara ran down under my eyes, and my foundation half way off like on a normal day, it wasnt. Surprisingly it looked quite perfect, like I did it two minutes ago I put my mirror back into my bag, feeling my Blackerry buzz, grabbing it out.

Inbox (4)

Lauuuren is a bossss (1:30 pm): Aye hobo! You coming over tonight??!

Joe Walllkaa Flakka Flam (1:49 pm): K-Jo if you don’t come to Laurens tonight Imma come to your apartment and kidnap you. You need to stop hurting your pretty little eye’s by looking into those nasty school books! Your better than that ;)

Darren is supermegafoxyawesomehot (1:54 pm): Please come. . .your my only SANE friend!!!!!!!!

Joey (the cooler Joe) Richter (2:05 pm): I wasnt lying when I said you look beautiful. You always do (:

I look at the back at Joeys head, feeling a blush on my neck come up. This boy will be the death of me.


Inbox (1)

Brian Holden (2:09): Ohhmygahh Kendall, stop eye raping Joey, Its making me sick! Gross little sister. Gross.

Me (2:10): It against the law to text while drive. Keep yours eyes on the rode.

I looked up at the review mirror, Brian was biting is lip, trying to keep from laughing. I glared at him, flipping him off. He shook his head chuckling. Finally, on what seemed like forever, we arrived to Laurens apartment. I eagerly got out of the car, adjusting my bag strap that laid on my shoulder.

"Shall we ma lady?" I looked over at Joey, standing beside me. I linked arms with him, walking up the walkway. We open the door, walking into the living room. Everyones back was to us sitting on the couch Julia, Jamie, Brian R., Lauren, Joe Walker, Joe Moses, and Bonnie. I noticed Dylan, Meredith, AJ, Darren, and The Langs in the kitchen. I hung my bag on the hanger, skipping over to the sitting area, and popping a squat on Walker and Lauren.

"KENDALL JACE HOLDEN I’VE MISSED YOU!!" I giggled at Lauren as she squeezed my waist. I and this girl are uber close, she was my partner in crime. If I wasnt with Joey or Walker, I was with Lauren. Walker pat my head like I was a dog.

"Good girl. You came." I looked at him like he was on crack.

"Joey, Joes being weird again!" I heard Joeys laugh from the kitchen. I got up, making my way to my other fellow Starkids. I saw my other girl I’m close too.


"KEN-DALLL!" I laughed walking in there. I saw them sitting round the table. I popped a squat on Joeys lap.

"So Kendall, hows school?" I groaned laying my head on the table.

"Screw school. College is hard. Can I just be a hobo for the rest of my life." Everyone laughed around the table.

"Did someone saw Lauren Lopez?!" I heard walking into the kitchen.

"Ohmygahh Lauren shutup, that line gets so old after two years!" I said. I heard Lauren gasp as I raised my head laughing. I winked at her, she playfully glared her eyes.

"Im tweeting bout how awful you are Kendall Jace! Mark my word!" She pulled her phone out, typing a couple things before stuffing it in your pocket, then staring back at me. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

@Laurenlopez1: @Dude_itskendall is no longer invited to all the cool starkid top secret partys cause shes being mean to me. WHATDA JERK! #douchebag #butdontworryyourstillmyfavoritestarkid

I chuckled at her twet, then tweeting her back. I slid my phone on the table waiting for her reaction. She stuck her tongue out at me then walked back into the living room. I faintly heard her phone buzz.

"Awww man! Kendall what the heck." I laughed throwing my head back slightly.

@Dude_itskendall: You just lost the game. @Laurenlopez1

@Funkwalk: RT: @Dude_itskendall: You just lost the game. @Laurenlopez1

@Joeyrichter: RT: @Dude_itskendall: You just lost the game. @Laurenlopez1

@Brian_Holden: RT: @Dude_itskendall: You just lost the game. [b]@Laurenlopez1

@Laurenlopez1: Thanks guys. @Joeyrichter @Brian_Holden @Funkwalk. I see who my true friends are. . .

I got up from Joeys lap, walking over to Laurens fridge getting a bottle of water out. I hopped up on the counter, swinging my legs back and forth. Having a moment by myself. Laurens Kitchen was in a different room then her table. Technically you couldn’t see the dining room from where I am.

"Aye Joey! Come here"

"No! I just finally got comfortable. You come to me!"

"Pretty pleeeease!" I heard him sign, then the chair scooting across the floor. He walked into the kitchen, making his way over to me. He stopped, placing both of his hands on either side of my legs. He leaned down slightly so there were about five inches between us. I wrapped my arms around his waist, he return the gesture by wrapping his arms around my shoulders. I buried my head in his chest, faintly smelling Old Spice on him and his faded blue plaid button down shirt. He drew tiny circles into my shoulder. Joey Richter looked extremely good today. His jeans hugged him in all the right places. His shirt fit him well, but still loose on his well-built self. His hair was tossed in a kinda spiked up way, a new hair styled he became fond of when he cut his shaggy hair a couple inches off last month. Yes. He looked dang good.

"I miss you Joey." I said softly in his shirt.
He kissed me on the forehead, keeping it there for a couple seconds before raising his head, then resting his chin.

"I miss you to doll. But you have two days till you have your last final, then you’ll be on winter break for a month. So you know we’ll be seeing each other every single daaay!" He sang day when he finished his statement. I giggled lightly, looking up.

"It scares me that you know my schedule." He smirked at me. Laid my head back on his shoulder as he hugged me tighter.

"Joey, why are we best friends?"

"I think it’s because we get along so well, and we both think Redvines are awesome. And we just seem to get each other Kendall." I nodded my head. We stayed in our hug for a couple of minutes.

"HEY! Lovebrids, get chooo self in here. I wanna see my Kendalllllllll!" I rolled my eyes as we pulled apart. I hoped down from the counter. I was walking away when Joey pulled me back.

"Since you dont have class tomorrow. Your spending the night at my house, and were gonna watch Disney movies all night k?"

"Of course!"

After finally talking Brian into getting me some gas, I arrived at Joeys apartment he shared with Walker.

"Honey, Im homeee!"

"In the kitchen." I laid my bag on the couch, and hanged my jacket on the coat hanger. I walked into the kitchen, taking my usual spot on the counter. Walker threw me a water from the fridge.

"Whats up hoe?" Walk rolled his eyes, ruffling my hair and walking out of the kitchen.

"Ill see you guys later. Dont do anything I wouldnt do." I chuckled as I heard the door shut.

"So KDawg. Why dont you go put on some comfy sleeping clothes. And Ill put the movie on." I nodded my head. After getting dressed and popping the popcorn, I joined Joey on the couch, taking note of his loose sweatpants and grey wife beater, his glasses stuck on his face.

"Kendall babe, what do you want to drink?" He said as he walked into the kitchen. These pet names he’s been calling me lately, is insanely driving me crazy. Best friends dont normally do that.

"Dont matter." I said wiping my glasses on my old softball t-shirt, then pulling on a loose string from my soffee shorts. I felt the seat next to me sink, he sat two bottles of Pepsi on the coffee table, then grabbing the blanket on the back of the couch. He laid it between on us. He put his
arm around the back of the couch, as I got comfortable at his side, snuggling into him.

"Whatja pick?" I looked up at him. He smirked,

"Youll see." I playfully frown at him laying my head down. He turned the TV on, the beginning credits of Beauty and the Beast played.

"Joey this is your least favorite Disney movie." I looked up at him, he moved his arm from being on the back of the couch, to now being draped around my shoulders.

"But its your favorite Kendall. Besides I want tonight to be all about you."

"Why?" He chuckled and starting to draw shapes on my arm.

"Just watch the movie." Halfway through the movie, Joeys arm end up around my waist

"I still dont understand how she can fall for someone like a huge beast. Hes not even that cute." I laughed.

"She fell in love with whats inside of him. Like when he became nice and everything, its the heart in him that she fell in love with. A persons personality is what makes someone beautiful. Not the way they look."

“I wonder if I’d be a good looking beast?" I laughed a heart-filed laugh.

"Youd be such a sexy beast Joey, that its not even funny." I said holding in a laugh, trying to be as serious as possible.

"Oh you think so?" He said as he squeezed my waist. I yelp out, fighting a smile as he tickled me.

"Jo. . Joey s-s-stop! Im to. . . to tickleish!" He started tickling me more. I had a spaz attack, and ended up lying on the couch. Joeys legs end up on both sides on my thigh, basically straddling my waist.

"Ill stop when you say Im a sexy beast, and you want my sexy body!" Now that made me laugh harder.

"N-no, thats. . . absur-r-d!" He chuckled and lighten up on the tickling. I still had a giggle going on. We both stared at each other, our faces about 3 inches apart.

"God Kendall, your so beautiful." He raised his hand and stroke my cheek. I could tell our faces were getting closer and closer by each second. This had to be the moment.

Buzzz Buzzzzz Buzzz

Joey signed leaning over to the coffee table.

"What Joe. . . Yes she is." I gave him a look. He rose up, pushing a hand through his hair.

"Thats what I was trying to do but you called. So what do you want?" He closed his eyes,

"Seriously man, why didnt get it when you left. . . Ok, yeah where on our way." He hanged up, looking over at me with a small smile. He kissed me on the forehead then got up from the couch.

"Joes phone is about to die and Darren's charger wouldn't fit his. NIther of the guys will, you wanna go visit." I chuckled lightly getting up putting my shoes on. He grabbed Joes charger from the wall, slipping his vans on. He grabbed my hand and his keys and out the door we went.

We pulled up to Darren The Langs and Brians house they all shared. We walked in and I sat on the couch in between Lauren and Dylan. I reached over talking lowly in her ear.

"You And Jamie meet me in the kitchen. I gotta tell you guys something." I got up from my seat. Jamie made eye contact with me as I lightly nod my head towards the kitchen.

"You guys want drinks? Us girls will bring them to you." We got a chorus on nods. I grabbed Jamie and Laurens hand a dragged them into the kitchen.

"Whoa there cowgirl! Whats up." I glanced around the corner, I saw the guys laughing at something on T.V. I signed, turning back at the girls.

"Joey and I about kissed." Lauren was left jaw dropped and eye brows raised, Jamie smiled her big smile. I bit my lip, not making eye contact with either one of them.

"Wait dude, what do you mean by almost?" I signed.

"Walker called! And we had to come here and bring his charger. Im kinda relieved that we got interrupted." I walked over the cabinets getting glasses out, than reaching for the tea in the fridge.

"What! Why, dont you like Joey?" Jamie said getting a big bowl out and popping popcorn. Lauren jumped up on the counter. Helping me fill up the drinks. I blew out a puff of air.

"Yeah, a lot actually. Just the whole ex-boyfriend with Alex, that changes a person. I know Joey wouldn’t do anything like that, its just hard to put my heart out like that again." I watched Lauren fill up the last glass.

"Well, like you said, Joey would never do anything like that to hurt. He adores you K-Jo." I smiled slightly at Jamies statement. I put the rest of the tea in the fridge, then turning around facing the girls.

"Im gonna go out back for a minute. Get some fresh air. K?" They nodded, smiling slightly at me.

I open the screen door, and sat out on the swing the guys put out on the patio. I swayed back and forth. Looking up at the stars I felt at peace for a moment. I felt like I had the world at my hands, like no one can hurt me like Alex did freshman year of college. We dated all through high school, and was what you called the epitome of a perfect couple, confused me why he did what he did. One day he snapped. He came to my apartment when I was a freshman in college. He beat me, telling me I was worthless and would never be more than a drama geek. I wasnt pretty, I wasnt smart, I was nothing. Nothing. That word stuck with me all night, as I cried in the same spot throughout the night, and part of the next day. After he abused me, he spit on me then left. Saying I wasnt even that good. I didn’t see my bruises until Joey stopped by. I gave him an extra key when we became close, in case something happen. He found me laying in the floor and rushed to my side. The look on his face when I saw him, made me cry more. He didnt say anything, he just held me as I cried. After that he took me to the bathroom and cleaned me up. I had four bruises the size of baseballs on my legs. I had two huge bruises on my stomach, I had a black eye, my right eyebrow was cut and I had to get fifteen stitches. My wrist was also sprained. For a while, I couldn’t be alone, I was so shaken up by the incident. I was either at Laurens Joeys or Brians for months. It sucked honestly.

"Nice night." I looked behind me, Joey stood there looking up at the sky. I nodded my head, wither or not he seen it, I didn’t care. I heard him walk over, sitting beside me on the swing. Without thinking, I laid my head on his shoulder.

"You ok Ken?" I nodded my head slightly. He lifted my head up,

"Don’t lie to me." I looked at him.

"Im just thinking bout some stuff." He nodded his head.

"Alex isnt gonna hurt you again Kendall. Hes thrown in jail, your safe with us." He looked me dead in the eyes. I opened my mouth, about to ask how did he know that.

"The girls were telling me how you were worry bout that, and how you were scared to put yourself out there again." The kid could read my mind. He grabbed my face in his hands, rubbing my cheek with his thumb

"Baby, I would never hurt you, you know that. I would rather die than even think to do that. You are my best friend Kendall Holden. You know me better than my mom, then everyone of those friends in there. I trust you with everything. Your my other me, ya know." He paused for a moment.

"Im not like the rest of them. Im there for you, no matter what the cost no matter what Im always gonna be there. I love you so much; I can’t even begin to explain." My mouth open slightly, and tears fogged my vision. He wiped a couple that escape. He leaned down and kissed me. He broke apart.

"Please Kendall. Give me a shot." I closed my eyes. Nodding slightly.


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