That awkward moment when...

That awkward moment when...

Don't you hate awkward moments?

Chapter 1


So these are some of my top awkward moments.

1. When you can't decide to go left or right.

2. The song ends but you keep talking at the same volume.

3. You both shake hands differently.

4. You say goodbye but walk in the same direction.

5. Your friend gives you a gift you didn't want.

6. You both try to grab something at the same time and your hands touch.

7. You are walking on a footpath and the person in front on you is walking
REALLYYY slowly.

8. When voldemort tries to hug draco.

9. When voldemort finds out draco didn't want to be hugged.

10. When you can't stop laughing while you are telling a joke, and in the end your friends don't even get it.

So comment and tell me which one you find the most awkward. For me it's number 10 =/


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