To Live Like You Once Again (A Michael Jackson Love Story)

Athena Williams is an unwanted child. When her mother casts her into the ocean to be rid of her, what Athena doesn't expect is to be alive.

Hope you enjoy it.


Chapter 1

Tragedy At An Early Age

Some parents don't appreciate their children, no matter how special they may be. As a result, the child is murdered for no apparent or logical reason. But even the mother of the child cannot be called a mother. For no loving and caring mother murders her child.

Little Athena Williams walked next to her mother. It was a beautiful morning. The sun had not yet peeked over the horizon, but the sky had turned pink to welcome the suns arrival.
Waves crashed against the Los Angeles pier. Athena had always thought the sea to be beautiful. Though her mother hardly ever brought her to see it. But today, her mother was strangely quiet. She walked towards the end of the pier in silence, her eyes focused on the end. She didn't even bother to take her daughters hand.
They finally reached the end. Athena had not seen a soul from the beginning, though she was sure there were people on the shore somewhere.
Athena's hands grasped the railing as she leaned over the edge looking for fish. The salty sea air stung her nose, but she enjoyed it. Her mother had not joined her at the railing, instead she just gazed at her daughter with an unreadable expression.
Then she placed her hands on Athena's back and shoved. Athena tumbled over the railing and plummeted to the cold Pacific water screaming.
Athena stretched her hands out to her mother, but her mother just watched her fall with a solemn expression. Athena clawed at the air and watched her mother walk away, knowing that Athena couldn't swim.
The shock of the cold ocean water made Athena freeze for a second. She tried to claw her way to the surface but she kept sinking. She screamed as the surface became father away. Bubbles carried her screams to the surface. Athena wished she could be a bubble, just so she could float to the surface.
She sank farther and farther. Her only thoughts were why her mother pushed her into the water. Athena began to fell lightheaded. Her lungs felt as if they would burst from her chest if she didn't get air soon. Her struggles became weaker and weaker. Her eyes were locked on the surface.
Her vision started to fade slowly. Her lungs screamed from her chest and her head pounded with the sound of her frantic heartbeat. She could barely feel the cold water against her skin.
There was so much she hadn't accomplished. Like growing up. Athena had only lived seven years of her life and now all that seemed to be diminishing infront of her. Her vision started to fade but she still gazed at the surface expecting her mother to save her. But Athena knew her mother would never come.
Athena could feel herself slipping away as she began to feel as if she were floating. But God had other plans for her.
"Breathe." a whispery voice called from the cold blue abyss. "Breathe, Athena."
Athena took the voices advice only to find that she could breathe. Feeling returned to her, but the water didn't feel as cold as it had been earlier. Athena tried to reach the surface with her new found strength. She found that her legs were moving together as one. She looked down to see not legs but a tail. It was as blue as her ocean blue eyes.
Fish swam around her, their shiny bodies reflecting the light of the now risen sun. Athena smiled. She looked up at the surface to see divers and many boats where her mother had cast her.
Athena's instincts told her to swim away from them. She flicked her tail and swam parallel to the shore to get away from the rescue divers. For she no longer belonged on land.

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