What Kind of Angel Would I Be? (A Black Butler fanfic)

What Kind of Angel Would I Be? (A Black Butler fanfic)

As you may or may not know, I also like anime as well, and my current favorite is Black Butler. This fanfic idea popped into my head, and I'm writing it for you all to see. :) Enjoy!
(disclaimer: i've only seen the first season, never read the manga either (no way to get a hold of it..). so nearly all of this is going to be made up in my mind. Please don't get mad if I get something wrong, or do something that works against the original plot. :/ )

Chapter 1

His Butler, Planning

"Master, I would like a word with you, if you have the time."
Ciel looked up at Sebastian, who had entered the room as silent as a ghost, "I have time, speak what you will."
Sebastian smiled that devilish smile, "Well, young master, I've been thinking we need a new guardian to the library."
Ciel snorted, "You mean a librarian? I thought that was part of your job."
"Well, master, my true job is to protect you and do your bidding. But we've been traveling so much lately, what with your orders from the Queen, that I can't seem to keep up," he said, feigning weakness.
Ciel looked up at him, "Why do I find that very hard to believe?" he glared at his butler, who said nothing in return. Ciel sighed, "Then get Mey Rin to do it. She's the maid, is she not?"
Sebastian showed no emotion, "I would, but it seems that girl can't walk into a room without breaking something. And I know how you treasure your books and the family records they managed to save from the fire."
Ciel scowled, Sebastian knew just what cards to play, "Fine. Do what you like. I give you leave of one day to go find someone to take the position."
"Master, I feel it would balance the rest of the help more if we had another female on the force. Would that be alright?" asked Sebastian.
"I don't care. Just get back as soon as you can, and take that stupid dog with you," he said, motioning outside with window were Finny was trying to wrestle Pluto.
Sebastian bowed, with a gleam in his eye, "As you wish, Master. I will be back in time to serve dinner."
Ciel nodded, and before he could blink, Sebastian vanished. Ciel looked back out the window, knowing Sebastian already had made his choice for the position picked out. He always knew exactly what to do, what to pick, and where to find it.

So, what do you guys think? I really appreciate feedback! Oh, and sorry the chapter is so short, but it had to start like this. It will get longer, I swear! Keep commenting, on this and everything else, and I'll keep writing! :) LOVE YOU GUYS!

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