The Funny, Embarrassing And Random Things That Happen To Me

I got this idea from my AWESOME buddie, Sofi. (Sofi101)

Basically, this is a series of tales about things that have happened to me. Some embarrassing and some funny. -__-

~ Katie

Chapter 1

New Years Party - Tale #1

First of all, you need to know that every year I go to a New Years Party at my friends house (Lydia, and her mum Liz... and her dad Steve, and her brother James). At the party, my whole family goes (me, mum, dad and my brother George). Lots of other people go too. All of the parents get drunk on red wine and stuff, the boys disappear upstairs with lemonade and beer and us girls hover around and watch TV.

There were 4 of us girls. Me (Katie), Lydia, Maddie (who is a year younger than us... aged 12) and Briony (a year older than us... aged 14). We were in a little room with a tiny TV watching some strange programme about Hawaai. It was very boring. Anyway, by then (10:30pm) all the adults were really drunk

There's this couple who have a 2 year old adopted son and they are a MAD family! Like, really mad and dancing and hyper-ness! Anyhow, the little boy kept running in and out, screaming "BOO!" and such at his adopted parents while we all couldn't hear a thing on the TV.

Eventually, we gave up and turned over the channel... where Paranormal activity 2 was on. I seriously HATE that programme thingy. It's scary. And everything happens so suddenly, so that I scream REALLY loud and jump in the air. Anyhow, while we were all huddled around the TV, the little boy came in, and started tugging at my ankle boots because he wanted to play with them.

In the end, Babs (his adopted mum who was drunk) started helping him to pull it off and I ended up shoe-less while everyone started running around with my boots. -.-

Meanwhile, some of the boys had come down with their beer and were handing out beer to us girls. Me, being me, refused to have any beer, but the other girls DID! So, an hour later, I end up shoe-less with the dogs somehow running around with my boots in their mouths, trying to watch Paranormal activity while a 2 year old screams at everyone, my friends are drinking booze and probably getting drunk and a load of drunk adults are doing the conga around the room and I'm trying to act sane.

I ask my friend Lydia to turn the TV up because I can't hear it, so she puts down her beer for a second, and gets the TV remote to turn it up. But, since Lydia has been on the booze, none of us realise that she has turned it up to 100 volume. The adults decide to continue their conga, and grab us lot into the conga-line. So, we're all conga-ing, when suddenly a MASSIVELY LOUD "AAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK!" comes from the TV and the guy at the front of the conga-line trips over the table by accident. Everyone is screaming with surprise from the noise, and people are falling over, while the dogs are running around and the kid has dissappeared. So, obviously, food flies everywhere, along with wine and beers.

Once we all calm down, we turn the volume down and continue with the party. Anyhow, the time comes to leave and I eventually find my boots scattered around the room. I put them on, and my foot gets soaked. There is wine in my boot...


I sure love my New Years parties.

~ Katie

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