The Funny, Embarrassing And Random Things That Happen To Me

I got this idea from my AWESOME buddie, Sofi. (Sofi101)

Basically, this is a series of tales about things that have happened to me. Some embarrassing and some funny. -__-

~ Katie

Chapter 2

Friday the 13th - Tale #2

Friday the 13th. No wonder I was unlucky.

I was in Design and Technology, and we were soldering these wire things onto circuits with the soldering irons. We've been using them for around 4 weeks now, so I can use them easily.

My friend, Lewis, is also in my DT class, and was seriously annoying me.
We were waiting for the soldering irons to be free when he asked me, "Can I try out my pick-up lines on you?"

So, I looked at him strangely and said, "/Okaay.../"

So he said, "Do you like peanut butter?"

And cause I do, I said, "Yeah..."

And Lewis said, "Great, cause I've got some right here in my mouth."
Then he started laughing at my face.

So, I laughed too and pointed out, "Lewis, you are such a fail." And a perv, but I didn't say that. -.-

Anyhow, a soldering iron became free, and we both ran towards it, but I pushed him out of the way and sat on the stool. Which made him annoyed.

So, while I was soldering, he kept trying to put me off and when I was almost finished, started kicking the back of my stool, so I turned around and thumped him on the leg really hard, cause I was angry. Then, I turned around, meaning to pick up my circuit. And what did I try to pick up instead? The soldering iron. It only touched it with my finger, thank goodness. But it was 300 degrees hot. -.- And it came out massive with a big brown mark.

Being me, I yelled "Ouch, ouch, OUCH! I burnt myself!" and jumped off the school, kicking Lewis and shouting "This is your fault!"
He just laughed at me.

And I told the teacher. Who tricked me into thinking that he was going to chissel off the hard skin. -.- Seriously, everyone was picking on me that day. XD

Anyhow, there was no cold water in the whole of the school, so I ended up at a water fountain, where it was the coldest, while two sixth formers queued up behind me with their empty water bottles. XD

Stupid Lewis. I swear I will kill him some day. -.-

~ Katie

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