The Funny, Embarrassing And Random Things That Happen To Me

I got this idea from my AWESOME buddie, Sofi. (Sofi101)

Basically, this is a series of tales about things that have happened to me. Some embarrassing and some funny. -__-

~ Katie

Chapter 3

Tale #3 - Dried Blood

So, I was talking to Sofi last night, and she persauded me to write this as a tale for her, and you all. So, here we go!!

I was at home by myself. My mum and brother had gone to the doctors surgery, and my dad was out somewhere-that-I-don't-know.

So, I went into the hallway, and Charlie (my dog- cocker spaniel!) was sitting in the hallway shelf (it's a low shelf, guys. He wasn't sitting on an actual shelf. He's not that agile.) staring out of the window wistfully.

So, me being me, I sneak up behind him. He catches me and gives me the evil eye.

Caught out, I shout, "Charlie!!" and run over to him, and give him a hug.
Then, since I was in a hyper mood, I pinched my nose and started shouting his name like that, to see what it sounded like.

Charlie ignored me for a while, and looked out of the window, while I kept doing it. Then, he looked at me- and pawed me in the face.

Taken by surprise, I fell over backwards, and bashed my eblow on the floor, and fell into the stairs, bashing my head slightly in the process. And, you know what Charlie did? He looked at me, and ran past me into the kitchen- as thought he was LAUGHING. LAUGHING. Such a rude dog, honestly.

So, I yelped, and ran after him, clutching my elbow. But I gave up after he ran away for ages, and watched TV.

An hour later, I decided to go to bed, and went upstairs to my bedroom. I turned the light on, looked in the mirror- and BAM. There's dried blood all down one side of my head, and in my hair. Turns out, when I fell into the stairs, I bashed my head- and got a tiny, but slightly deep, cut. And it bled while I was running around, and dripped all the way down my head- and dried while I watched TV.

What a lovely surprise.

~ Katie

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