Help Me Remember (A Takashi Morinozuka Story)

Hey guys, this is my first story! Comment, rate, do whatever! Feel free to give constructive criticism. :)

Chapter 1


"Fumiko, why am I going to this host club?" I ask.
"Because they're all really cute! I don't know which one I like the best! Ah..." My best friend goes into a daydream, staring off into the distance.
Let's see... Potassium is K, lead is Pb, Gold is Au, Silver is Ag... Wait... Is Helium or Hydrogen H?
"Look out!" Fumiko yells suddenly. Something hits me on the head, and I fall to my knees, before the world darkens.

Amnesia... That's what the doctor told me. I walk away from the doctor's office, very confused.
I should get home... Where is home? I don't even know my name...
I stand at the edge of the road uncertainly. "Hey! Wait!"
I turn around, and a completely unfamiliar girl runs towards me. I tilt my head to the side. Should I know her? She doesn't look familiar.
She smiles at me. "It feels weird, introducing myself to my best friend. I'm Fumiko Yoshida."
I nod slowly, trying to see if the name sounds familiar. I come up with nothing.
"Still not a talker, eh?" I hardly hear her. I'm launched deep in thought. If I have amnesia, and I don't remember a thing... then how can I be certain I can trust her? There's something sneakily sinister about her... "Ah, lost in thought again, are you? Well, come on, we have plans."
She instantly hugs me. "Oh, it's so good to hear your voice! Of course, at my school, there's a host club! And I want you to go with me."
"What about my family?"
"Oh, your dad works late anyway, and your mom doesn't like to be disturbed when she's trying to write another novel."
I try to retain this information as this unfamiliar girl drags me down the street.

The doctor said my memory would start coming back in about a month, but it would be a while until its all back. Apparently, Fumiko and I were walking under a construction sight, and one of the workers dropped a piece of steel on my head.
I guess I'm lucky I only got amnesia.
I look down at my unfamiliar school uniform. The emblem says Higashi High. It's black, with a skirt that comes to mid-thigh, and a tight fitting blouse.
This school is Ouran Academy. At least, according to the sign it is. Fumiko is, apparently, filthy rich. Her dad owns some sort of huge corporation, while my family is much humbler, therefore going to a less expensive school.
My mother writes novels - none published yet - and my father works as an accountant. I am an only child.
I'm still missing a key piece of information - my name. I would ask Fumiko, but she's busy drooling over a tall, blonde haired boy with the slightest of French accents.
This is the host club. Seven boys, entertaining rich ladies. And they're almost done, by the looks of it. I continue to sit on the couch, Fumiko completely ignoring me.
I trace the intricate pattern of the couch with my fingertips, trying to defog my brain and remember things. I'm not even quite sure how old I am. How old is Fumiko? I would assume I'm the same age as her.
As the girls slowly trickle out, Fumiko and I are eventually the only ones left.
"Can we help you?" two voices say simultaneously, one on each of my shoulders.
I turn around and study the two boys. Twins, obviously, both with auburn hair and hazel eyes. I còck my head to the side. "Hm?" I ask.
"Do you know Fumi-chan?" another blonde says. He's wearing the high school uniform, but... he looks rather young.
"I... I think?" I say uncertainly.
"She's one of our best customers," a tall, dark-haired boy with glasses says, scribbling away in a notebook.
"Guys, you're obviously intimidating her. Hi, I'm Haruhi Fujioka. Who are you?" another boy asks. He's about the same height as me, but has big eyes that almost look like a girls'.
"Uh... I'm not sure," I admit.
"Huh?" Fumiko asks, breaking out of a trance. "Oh, yes, of course. This is my best friend. She has amnesia, so she's not really sure what's going on."
"Amnesia, you say?" the tall blonde Fumiko had been ogling over says. "What's it like?"
I look to the floor. This is too much. I- I can't.
The only boy who hasn't spoken yet is the really tall, dark haired one in the corner, next to the short blonde.
"Uh... Fumiko?" I ask timidly.
"Huh? What?"
"What's my name? How old am I?"
"Oh! Of course! How could I leave out such important details? You're a junior at Higashi High - seventeen years old - and your name is Kotone Kobayashi."
This gets the tall-raven's attention. "Kotone Kobayashi?"
"Oh? Do you know Mori?" Fumiko asks, a certain dry, jealous tone to her voice.
I think. Mori... It doesn't sound familiar... He doesn't look familiar... "I- I don't know."
"I'm Takashi Morinozuka," he says.
My eyes widen as something clicks together. "Oh!" I gasp. "The park... There's a park..."
"A park? What's she talking about, Takashi?" the short blonde asks.
Takashi comes to sit next to me. "We used to meet there. We were six. I ran away. And you gave me advice."
"And then we became friends...." I remember. "I haven't seen you in a while, have I?" I look to him for confirmation.
He grunts and shakes his head. I look down at my feet. "Oh."
"Well, let's introduce you to the rest of the club! You met Haruhi, you somehow know Mori... Well, he's Honey," she says, pointing to the short blonde. "Hikaru and Kaoru... I can't tell them apart," she admits, pointing to the twins. "Kyoya... he pretty much runs the whole thing," she says, pointing to the boy with glasses. "And Tamaki! The incredibly capable president!" she says, pointing to the tall blonde.
I nod slowly. "Is there... anything else I should know before I go home?" I ask Fumiko.
"Uh... I don't think so..."
"You play the viola," Takashi says suddenly, looking at the floor. "And you really like science. And you can read people really well."
I look at him and smile. "We really were good friends, weren't we?" He nods.
"Well... I hate to be the one who has to break up the long-lost friends reunion, but I have to show her where she lives. I'm starving, and I think the maid should have dinner ready soon! Come on," she says, ushering me out the door.

Takashi POV

Mitsukuni skips alongside me on the way home. Normally, my thoughts would be thinking about him, but now, Kotone was racing through. I haven't seen her in ten years... And she suddenly shows up?
There's something about the way Fumiko treats her that I don't quite like...
"Hey, Takashi?" Mitsukuni asks. I look down at him. "You liked her, didn't you?"
I hesitate, before grunting, "Yeah."
"Do you still?"

~~Um... This is my first story, so please comment and tell me how I did! I'm in love with Takashi, so here's the story! :D Thanks, guys!~~


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