if you care read must read really im not kidding im beng forced to delete basically

Chapter 1

wont be on like ever

so many people are deleteing to be truthful it was annoying me well now i cant get on i am currently on my cousins computer something that i was useing it was ither 'Quibblo' or 'summopaint' so i cant go on ither im only aloud on 'facebook' and youtube' so if u wanna add me on fb u may my name on it is 'samachan wilson' i cant get the link cuzthis comp. is a peace of shiiit and wont let me log in i can at my house if it helps my pic on it is pon and zi the yellow one saying ither i need or i miss u i cant remember and its thinking of the blue one well bye duses!! XD by the way i was not being completely honest to u guys about my age if u get my fb u will know anyway i think.. i am 12 okay PEACE! ima miss u all! espeacally indie u helped me through some shiit hope u add me on fb byeeee ^^


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