Questions and Answer about Ajthehonestone XD

This is for anyone who knows me/wants to friend me...and for gags :)

Oh and question giver ppl are fuuunnn... You'll see :)

Chapter 1

.....This guy is weird.....

1. How are awesome are you?
Pretty awesome, but that's not a real question.

2.How awesome is your awesomeness?

3. How awesome is your awesomeness is your awesomeitivity??

Okay, okay...

1. Which would you prefer; go to the malls or movies
Thank you. Depends on who I'm going with mostly...but movies :D

2.Do you eat alot??
Yes. I swear, I should be huge, but I don't gain weight :3

3. How much do you prefer to eat at a time??
Depends on how hungry I am (and If I'm out and actually have money XD). One time I got 4 double cheeseburgers. Once a whole pizza ( but I had to give a slice to my sis...). At school, if I have money, I like two large slices of pizza, and a chicken sandwich.

4. How the heck are you not sick of that?!?!
I dunno really, I actually started randomly losing weight...Can we stop with food related questions now?


5. How was your last relationship?
Next question!

6. Are you straight, gay,or bi?
Straight, and don't forget it.

7.What do you look for in girls?
I generally look for fun,average intelligence/smart, not to clingy, and kinda sensitive. And pretty/hot of course

8. How long have you been single?
3 weeks, 4 days,16 hours,32 minutes and about 46 seconds.

Who's counting though XD (may or may not be true)

9. Do you try to fall in love?
No. I'm off that mostly. Because almost every time I do, I get crushed in the end.

10. If I, like, ripped off your shirt right now, would you ,like, make out with me?? :3
Get outta here Katie!!!


she runs out

uhhh..Dating questions are out. How bout New Years?

11. What did you do New Years Eve?
I went to the Hard Rock Cafe, and then sat around the rest of the day and watched The Big Bang Theory until New Years O_O it was soo exciting...(insert sarcasm here)

12. What are you gonna do in 2012?
Make dumber desicions, get even dumber gf's, and say dumber, more tactless crap. XD

Eeh..I'm already bored of this... Let's go to the random round!!!

13. Have you ever had hard liquor?
Yep, had some orange vodka once. I didn't have that much, but I had a horrible headache :P

14. How long are your arms?
To long :P. I mean I can almost scracth my knee caps without bending over.

15. What are you? Greek, or Roman??
Senatus Populusque Romanus!! Rome foreva!!! Hail Jupiter!!

Take that Artemis_Hunter! XD (plz don't kill me, plz don't kill me...)

16. What's your favorite number?
The number to Pizza Hut. I want a large, plz!

17.What's your favorite actual number??

18.What's your favorite actualrational number?!?!?
oh. That would be 7 :3

thank you..

19. Who the heck am I?
....You? the question person..eerr..I dunno. Your name is now question giver #3. happy?

20.Why did you give me such a dumb name?
Shaddup, and get to the next question.

21.How many gf's have you had.
Really? Really question giver # 3??

22. Why do you like randomly flexing in your boredom?
...Dang it, why'd you have to put that out there??

23. What's your JV chorus nickname?
Triangle (legit, it's Triangle :3)

24. What's the square of 25?

25. Why are you so random?
You're only supposed to questions I can answer!!

26. Favorite milkshake?
The coffee one they sell at Elevation Burger!

27. What's your sword made out of?
Celestial Bronze one side, Imperial Gold the other. I call it Celestial Gold :3 Or Imperial Bronze

28. Do you have a crush on anyone?

29. Ok, what's her name?
Shut up, bully!!

30. Why do you like hats?
Their epic!

31. What's your favorite mouthwash?

32. What's your favorite color?
Random! That's a color! (black silver, and gold)

33. Why do like drawing yourself tats?
Cuz, it's fun,and they're gettin better!

34. What do you hate most?
Three things: JB, Twilight, and Greeks

35. How did Katie find where you live?
Cuz she's a stalker!!

36. How many readers do you think we lost by now?
At least 10 XD

37. When can we end this thing!

38.Can you do it for me?

39. Wh do ou hate me so much :'( ?

The End

Me: finally!
Question giver #3: I quit



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