Spin me around (for Ray's contest)

I used a line from the song as my title...isn't that creative? -_- I'm going to be working with both characters' POV, so anytime there is a large space inbetween lines I am probably switching the POV.

Indi is very...unique. As a sophmore in college, she is used to living her own life & getting her own way. She does not like taking peoples' advice & holds a very good argument. Stubborn and bullheaded, most people tire of her rebelliousness.
I will be adding on to her character in the story.

Chapter 1


"No, Renee!" I said, or, rather, yelled into the phone. "We have to get that report done in two weeks which means we have to start on it now."
I was driving to class in the old pickup my dad had bought me when I was 16. The beautiful landscape of Miami, Florida flew through the windows, but I wasn't paying attention; Renee was testing my already very limited patience. To make matters worse, my gas tank was nearly empty and I was running late for class. I stepped on the gas pedal and prayed that there was enough gas in my tank to last the rest of the drive there. But, of course, when I stopped at the light the idiot behind me didn't; I flew forward and hit my head on the steering wheel.
"What the fvck was that?!" I yelled as I stepped out of the truck. The driver of the car that hit me had gotten out before me (which I didn't think was possible speaking how fast I flew from the truck).
"I am so sorry," The stranger apoligized. He was male, of course. "I wasn't paying attention and didn't realize you stopped."
Speaking that he just hit me with his car, he didn't look too bad. He looked about my age and had light brown hair and warm chocolate brown eyes. Kind of cute actualy. If he weren't a guy. And hadn't of wrecked my truck.
"Of course you weren't paying attention, I have doubt that you ever do," I sneered. Maybe I'm not the kindest girl in the world, but so what? The idiot just hit me!
"Hey, I'm sorry," He apoligized again. "But at least one good thing has to come out of this."
"And what's that?"
"Well, we have to discuss insurance right? How about you meet me for dinner sometime?"
"You just hit me with your truck!" I couldn't believe this."And what is there to discuss? You hit me, you pay for the repairs."
"Don't you have insurance on the truck?" He asked with concern etched onto his handsome features.
"My parents do."
"Oh," his face fell. "Oh, you're in high-school,"
"No," I replied. "I'm in college actually. Which I would say you are too, but I doubt you're that intelligent,"

I chuckled, glad to find that she's at a reasonable age for me to date.
"Believed it or not I am," I replied to another one of her insults. "I'm a junior actually. I go to Miami University"
"HeII no," she spit back. "I knew you seemed familiar. Look, if I see you around the campus-at all-you're going to die a very painful death." And with that she turned on her heel.
"Wait!" I yelled, "We still haven't worked out the insurance."
"Meet me at Rodney's Diner at 18:00." She said without so much as looking over her shoulder. I watched as she climbed into her now dented truck and drove off with a crater in the bumper. She was crazy.
She was beautiful.

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