Rachel's Hogwarts story :3

Rachel is based on me!!!! Sorry about the grammer. The first chapter is really bad cuz i was lazy. Lol :3

Chapter 1

rachel's story

Rachel Wilson

House: Gryffindor
Fav color: purple
Loves: Ron Weasly
Hair: dirty blonde long curly
Patronus: labordor
Friends: Hermione,Harry,Luna
Enimes: any slytherin!!
This is Rachel Wilson

my story starts here.
chapter 1
Rachel's letter

One normal day with a normal girl on a normal street called private drive. My address is 6 Private Drive. The most unusual thing happend. I was the first up! usually i'm second up,but not today. a voice in my head told me to check the mail. So when I did she saw a rather unusual little envelope. I saw it was for me and opened it. it said: Congratulations! You have been excepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.To attend you will need:
A wand,
(a list of books she needed)
a cauldron (not GOLD!!!!)
a pet cat,owl,toad (or family pet)
pro. McGonagall Pro. Dumbledore

" hmm.....I wonder where that is! Maybe....." she was interupted by a loud knock on the door. when i did i saw a half-giant. He loudly said " The names Rubius Hagrid! Ur mum up?" i said " no." in a shakey voice. he walked in the door and said "where ther kitchen???" I replied " just through that door but be quiet my mum's room is just above." so he went through the door. His head would of hit the top of the door (he ducked down his large head.) He took a piece of paper out of is pocket and also a pen. He wrote:

dear Connie,

its ur friend Hagid! Dont need to worry where Rachel is 'cause she is commin with me!!!!! ( shopping for Hogwarts things she got er letter)

your friend

I read the note and it was wrote like his talking.

I followed Hagrid outside and there was a little boy sitting there. " Harry meet Rachel! Rachel,Harry"

" er hello." he said " My names Harry, Harry Potter."

" Hello my names Rachel but you can call me Rach or Ray."

" I prefer.....Rach!" he said

i am called that all the time!

" ok guys let us go!" Hagrid said

" Go where?" I asked
" i dont know" Harry whispered to me

We hopped on his motercycle and we were off!

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