Mischief Managed (A StarKid Story)

Mischief Managed (A StarKid Story)

Hello! So Marti (JoeyRichterIsTotallySexy) had this fantastic idea for a story and asked me if I wanted to write it with her. I love the idea and cannot wait to see how it unfolds. Sit back, read and enjoy as Olivia and Mina take you on a nice little adventure to find themselves. :)

Chapter 1

It's Now or Never

I collapsed on my bed in wonder. I cannot believe it, I can actually go home. Tomorrow they are going to finally let me leave this place. As of noon tomorrow, I will no longer be a patient at the Rehabilitation Center of Chicago. I can barely keep from screaming from joy. It’s not that I hate it here, it’s just I’ve been here for nearly three years. I just want to be able to roam the world as I choose and not be stuck in one little place forever. I want to spend my day as I would like, not have it scheduled for me by some random nurse.

Am I afraid that it will come back? Of course I am, but I have my little reminder. As a reward for making it through the program, they gave me a small silver bracelet. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it serves its purpose. Engraved on the small strip of flat metal is a saying, of my choice, that I need to think of whenever I try to talk myself out of eating. Over the years I’ve been here, my only form of escape was through reading, more specifically, through the Harry Potter series. So naturally, the quote I chose to use was “Mischief Managed”. I think it’s pretty fitting, since supposedly I’ve beaten my problem. That’s the thing though, I’m not sure if I can stay healthy on my own.

I sat up on my bed so fast, that I made myself slightly dizzy. Oh god, what am I supposed to do. I have nowhere to go; I haven’t talked to anybody in almost three years, except my parents. Let me tell you I am not, repeat not, going back to that small town in Pennsylvania. I made it out of there and I will not go back, but where am I supposed to go? I need my phone; I need to make a call. So I almost ran to the front desk to ask if I can use my cell phone, which I had to give to them when I checked in.

“Excuse me?” I asked in hopes that Shelley would be nice enough to let me use it.

“Hello dear, what can I help you with? Excited for tomorrow?”

“Yes I am, but I was wondering if I could use my cell phone to make a quick call.”

“You know perfect well that I canno-“

“I know it’s against the policy, but I need to be able to have somewhere to go when I leave tomorrow, right?” I looked her with what I thought was a pleading expression, and judging by the look on her face, I must have really looked pathetic.

“Oh all right, you have ten minutes. Don’t let anyone know that I’m allowing this.” I smiled at her as sweetly as I could manage as she went to retrieve my phone from the back. It only took her a few minutes to get it for me and once she handed it over, I smiled once again before almost sprinting back to my room.

Losing the door behind me, I let out a long sigh. I really hoped she’s still in town, or at least somewhere where she can come back quickly. I looked through my contacts until I came across her name, a name that I had not called in who knows how long. We used to be best friends; we probably still would be if it weren’t for this place. I tried staying in contact with her when I was first placed here, but eventually it pained me to hear about the outside world. So I stopped calling her, blocking her out as I had the rest of my world. I wonder what ever happened to her.

Finally mustering up the courage, I took in a deep breathe, running my hand through my hair, as I pressed call. It rang three times before someone picked up and spoke. It was a voice that I never thought I’d be able to hear again.


“Hi, Olivia?”


“It’s Mina, Mina Taylor. Listen, I know I haven’t talked to you in almost three years, but I could use your help.”

“Uh, okay then. What do you need help with?”

“Well I’m being released from rehab tomorrow-“


“Thanks, but I just realized that I don’t have anywhere to stay. Are you still in Chicago?”

“No” Of course she isn’t. “, but if you really need me, I can make some arrangements.” Really? She would do that for me?

“Great, so I’ll call you when I’m out of here tomorrow?”

“Sounds good.”

“Thank you so much, I appreciate it.”

“No problem. Look it was nice hearing from you. We have a lot to catch up on okay?” I’m not sure why but that made me break out into a smile. She was willing to help me after I blatantly ignored her for three years.

“Of course, see you soon.”

“Bye Mina.”

“Bye Olivia.” With that I sat down on the edge of my bed, throwing my phone onto one of the pillows, and held my head in my hands, elbows resting on my knees. I chuckled to myself; I might actually be able to do this. I’ll have someone who already knows about my previous problems and she might help me. Maybe I can actually beat this thing. My former best friend is going to help me out on a day’s notice; maybe the world isn’t so bad.

I sat there for another minute before I remembered that I had to bring my phone back to the front desk so I wouldn’t get Shelley in trouble. She’s always been so helpful to me; the last thing I wanted to do was cause trouble for her. I walked quietly down the hall to her desk, trying to draw as little attention to myself as possible. Once I got to her desk I silently made eye contact with her and left the phone on her desk. Smiling at her briefly, I walked away before remembering that dinner was going to be served soon.

I know I should go, but really I don’t need the food, it would just be a waste. I would have skipped dinner too, if I hadn’t reached for the handle to my door with my left hand. The way the light hit the silver on my wrist, let the words shine nice and clear: “Mischief Managed.” Well I guess one more meal wouldn’t hurt anyone. With that I walked to the dining area, humming an unfamiliar song to myself, thinking about tomorrow and how much this could change my life.


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