A different type of music survey.

Warning: There is a potentially offensive lyric in this survey, so, well, , you've been warned.

Chapter 1


by: m3rcy616
List 10 musical artists you like, in no specific order (do this before reading the questions below)

1. Black Tide
2. Emilie Autumn
3. Avenged Sevenfold
4. Porcelain Black
5. DevilDriver
6. Queensryche
7. Murderdolls
8. Wednesday 13
9. Dommin
10. Dope

What is the first song you heard by number 6?

- The Needle Lies

What is your favorite song by number 8?

-Kill You Before You Kill Me

What is your favorite lyric(s) of number 5?

-"It's been alright, at times a little rough, but why am I here?
You did alright, lived a little dark and that’s alright
'Cause we made the darkside and the rightside is to have no fear"

What song by 3 makes you happy?

- Unbound (The Wild Ride)

When did you first get into 2?

- some time in 2009, I tripped across Opheliac and loved it.

How did you get into 3?

- A friend showed me 'Waking the Fallen' back in middle school, (Which had to have been 2004) and then my love for them had been renewed when City of Evil got released in my freshman year. Been one of my favorites since then.

What is your favorite song by number 4?

- "Who's Next?"

How many times have you seen number 9 live?

- Haven't yet.

What is your favorite song of 1?

- "That Fire", "Fight To the Bitter End" and "Light From Above"
I can't pick between the three.

How did you become a fan of number 10?

- I came across their music on Youtube.

How long have you known 9?

- Since Their EP for Love is Gone was released in 2009.

Top 5 favorite songs by 5?

1. I Dreamed I Died
2. Driving Down the Darkness
3. Sin & Sacrifice
4. The Fury of Our Maker's Hand
5. The Axe Shall Fall

Have you seen 10 live?

- No. Sadly.

Have you met 4?

-No, but I do want to.

What's your favorite album by 1?

-"Post Mortem"

Favorite lyric of 7?

- "See me in the headlines
Manipulate your simple minds
So put your hands up and praise
I'm your god and you're my slave

And people hate me, cause I'm better than you
And people hate me
And that's the motherfvcking truth
People hate me and you can all fvck off
I'm perfect, pissed off, beautiful, I'm God"

What is one of 2's best songs?

- Face The Wall (Instrumental)

How many times have you seen number 2 live?

- Once, so far.

Which number have you known the longest?

- number 3, but number 1 is my absolute fave.

What's your favorite song by number 9?

- "Closure"


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