I <3 quotes, so here are a few you can <3 or hate share or just leave them alone!!!

Chapter 1

20 quotes---> I know I'll never forget

1. Do you believe in love at first sight
Should I walk by again ?!

2. Some say the glass is half full, Some say the glass is half empty. I say.... “Are you gonna drink that?”

3. Hey say sleep is good for the brain.
So then why isn't it allowed it school?

4. Dear Teachers,
If I sit next to my best friend, I'll whisper to her. If you move me away, I'll shout to her.
It's your choice

5. Admit it.
Once in your life, you tried to drink out of your cup.
Like a dog.

6. Dear Movies About High School,
Who the heck actually hangs a picture of their crush in their locker?!
Yeah, not that big of a stalker.

7.My definition of a clean room: A clear path from the door to my bed.

8.The awkward moment when the only answers you know on a test are your name and date.

9. Me: Mom, can I go to my friend's house?
Mom: Ask your father.
Me: Dad, can I go to my friend's house?
Dad: Ask your mother.
Me: -__________-

10. Parent: Are you talking back to me?!
Me: Yeah.. That's kinda how commution works....

11. If "Plan A" didn't work. The alphabet has 26 more letters! Stay cool.

12. When someone annoys you, it takes 42 muscles to frown. But it only takes 4 muscles to extemd your arm and punch them in the face.

13. If Santa were real, a lot of boys would be traumatized, getting kidnapped on Christmas

14. Girl #1: "Uh..."
Girl #2: "What?"
Girl #1: "Well... didn't you wear those jeans and that shirt, like,3 days ago? O.o"
Girl #2:"Oh, yeah! That's because my family has this miraculous invention called a washing machine!"4

15. WHY DO WE NEED SCHOOL ? •MUSIC: We have YouTube for that.•SPORT: I have a Wii.•LANGUAGES: I watch Dora and Diego.•ENGLISH: Everything is shortened anyway. ( LOL,BRB, JK )•MATH: That’s why we have calculators.•GEOGRAPHY: I’ll buy a globe.•DRAMA: that's why I watch Twilight!HISTORY:They’re all dead anyway! :P

16. That awkward moment when you think someone is waving to you and you wave back, scream "HI", and make a big smile on your face :D!!! Then you realize the person was waving to someone next to you XD !!!

17. Boy: You have beautful teeth :P
Girl: Awww thanks :)
Boy: They remind me of a song!!!
Girl: What song?!
Boy: Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow!!! :P

18. Boy: What can you say about my face?
Girl: Well, I just always remember the song Billionaire.
Boy: Why? looks like a Rich guy?
Girl: Nope! So Frickin' Bad...
Boy: : / .....

19. There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.

20. Fri(END), Boyfri(END), Girlfri(END), Bestfri(END). Everything has an END except...Fam(ILY)! It Has 3 Letters that says I LOVE YOU ♥♥♥

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