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The Winter Prince Grant:


Chapter 1


I start to fasten my pace. Why are these men stalking me? I take a quick glance behind me and notice that they are still on my tail. I turn the corner of the block and jump over the gate to my house. I fumble with the keys, but finally get the door open.
My eyes widen when they see a tall stranger standing in front of me, holding a large brown bag. I feel someone behind me grab my hands and grip them tightly together. His hands are as cold as ice. I stomp on his foot and knee the guy in front of me. I try to break free from the grasp, but it is like they have frozen over. I continue to fight the men, but more continue to come.
They eventually get my hands tied behind my back, as well as my mouth taped, and stuffed me inside the bag. I scream at the top of my lungs, but it is not effective, considering the thick tape. I kick and squirm as I hear a large thud. I hear them start the engine and drive away from my house. I continue to thrust around, but eventually give up. There is no point in trying. No one will be able to hear me. I decide to fall asleep, so that is exactly what I do.
I wake up to someone lifting up the bag with me inside. I groan as they throw me onto a hard surface.
“How many did it take?”
“The mission took about ten of our best men chief.”
“What? The rings power must be attracted to her. So you are sure that she is sound asleep now?”
“I made sure of it.” They stop talking and the pause gives me time to think. Ring? I don’t have any jewelry. They must have the wrong girl. I feel beneath me move up and down, like I am lying on top of water. I suddenly come to realization. We are on a boat. How far away is this place that they are bringing me?
Again, I am startled by someone raising me up. Are we there yet? I feel the bag start to become chilly. Are we on the opposite side of the world or something? I wrap my arms around me, shivering. I feel someone place the bag on the ground and finally open it up. They help me up and link their arms into mine. If they weren’t helping me walk and if I wasn’t frozen by the bitter weather, I would’ve gutted the two idiots. I look in front of me and see a huge castle. Or is it a palace? I can’t really tell. The building has pointy towers, so I am guessing that this is a palace. My sneakers start to get wet from the snow on the ground. One of the men guarding the palace on horseback sees us coming and lets us through.
The two men beside me drag me through the place and bring me to a huge room. The dim room has many portraits on the walls. I see a young man sitting at an ice blue, just like everything else in the massive house, desk, writing some things down. He places his pen down and looks up. His eyebrows rise sharply as soon as he sees me. He then covers his reaction.
“ This is the girl?” The two men nod and I glare at him with my angered eyes. “Why is she tied up?”
“We had a couple difficulties. It was the only way, your highness.” I smirk behind the tape. I figured that after I saw the blond hair and the hazel eyes. The look is typical for the fantasy princes. His pale face and slim body stands up and walks toward me.
“Is she that ruthless? She looks innocent.”
“You have no idea, your highness.” He lifts my chin up, and I give him the death stare. If it weren’t for this tape on my mouth, I would’ve spat at his pathetic face. He backs away a bit and asks the men to remove the tape, so I can talk.
“Who the hell are you, and what do you want from me? Why did you drag me all the way here?”
“My counselors believe that you have a special item of mine.”
“You mean the ring?” Whoops. That probably won’t help my case. “I heard it from the guys talking on the boat.” The prince turns to the men and they agree that what I am saying is true.
“Give me the ring and I will release you. You can go back home and everything will go back to normal.”
“What? But with other…” The prince cuts the man off.
“I don’t have your ring. You have the wrong girl. Bring me home.” The prince sighs.
“Are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?”
“What are the two ways?”
“Either you give me my ring and you will be released or you can refuse and be stuck here until you give in. It’s your choice.”
“What! That is unfair. I don’t have the ring! Are you deaf?” I shut my eyes trying to calm down. He shakes his head in disappointment.
“I didn’t want to do this to such a pretty girl.”
“Pretty? Don’t you EVER call me pretty.” He ignores me and continues to speak.
“Larcen, send her to the guest room.”
“But, your highness, don’t you want to send her to the prison below us?”
“I said the guest room. Larcen, order Arianna to prepare the girl for dinner.” Is he kidding me? I actually have to stay here? Why do I have to eat dinner with him? “I might be able to still persuade her to pass me the ring.”
“How many times do I have to tell you? I DON’T have the ring!” He waves us away and starts to head back to his desk. The men carry me away and I continue to try and free myself. I twist and turn. As I am turning, I see the prince. He’s looking at my struggle, smiling. He notices that I see him and he smirks. He then shakes his head and goes back to his work.

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