If my life was a movie (repost, I think)

I might have done this one a while ago.

Chapter 1


by: m3rcy616
If my life was a movie

Put your iPod on shuffle and see if your life was a movie what the soundtrack would be.

Opening Credits: Poison - Alice Cooper

Waking Up: Switchback - Celldweller

Falling In Love: Not Another Teenage Anthem - Wednesday 13

Fight Song: Blood Stained Valentine - Murderdolls

Breaking Up: Stupify - Disturbed

Life’s OK: Break Some Off - Korn

Getting Back Together: Smokin' in the Boys' room - Motley Crue

Wedding: Reminded - Drowning pool

Birth of Child: Wake Up - Dope

Final Battle: M!issundaztood - Pink

Death Scene: Black Ice - AC/DC

Funeral Song: Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith

End Credits: Our Truth - Lacuna Coil

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