Dark times are upon us (what happened when harry was horocrux hunting)

Main character: Sarah Emerson
house: hufflepuff
blood status: muggle born
friends: Hannah Abbot, Ernie Macmillan, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger, Hagrid, Lavender Brown, Padma Patil, the Fat Friar.

Chapter 1

Hogwarts takes a turn for the worst

I sat down with my best friends, Hannah Abbot and Ernie Macmillan, on the train to Hogwarts. I was showing Ernie how to play Pokemon White on my Nintendo ds. "I see," Ernie said thoughtfully, "at the beginning of the game you have to choose a Pokemon to start with. Hmm.... the pig one,Tepig, is nice..... but so is Snivy.... I choose Snivy! I have to admit, these muggle games aren't bad."
Neville, Ginny, and Luna were sitting in the apartment across from us, and Hannah was giving Neville googly eyes. "You like him, don't you?" I whispered. Hannah blushed and nudged me with her elbow. "Sarah....." Hannah mumbled. "So," I said, "Are either of you excited? I mean, next year we'll have graduated from Hogwarts! We'll have jobs! By the way, what jobs are you guys thinking about? I want to be a healer." Hannah didn't answer and Ernie probably didn't hear me because he was to busy fighting Bianca's Oshawott.
I think I fell asleep, because later Hannah was shaking me to wake up. Two Death eaters were coming down the aisle. They looked inside every compartment until they reached the one Luna was sitting in. A death eater grabbed her arm and started dragging her up the aisle. I stood up, pointed my wand and yelled, "Expelliarmus!" The death eater holding Luna went flying, but his accomplice pointed his wand at me and yelled, "Crucio!" The most horrible, excruciating pain consumed me and I screamed in pain. "SARAH!" Hannah and Ernie and Ginny and Neville yelled. Suddenly the pain stopped. The death eaters had gotten away with Luna. I kneeled on the floor, breathing heavily. Ernie helped me up and I sat back in my chair. I started whistling to try to smooth things over. Everyone tried to not think about what happened.
When the train pulled into the station, Ernie turned off my nintendo ds and put it in my bag. Everyone got off the train, bumping into each other, sometimes me. I was still sore from the cruciatus curse.
Instead of the usally cheerful "Firs' years this way! Firs' years this way!" coming from Hagrid, I heard, "All right scum! There will be no more carriages or boats! You go to Hogwarts ON FOOT! Get in a straight line and don't whine or you'll be whipped!" The lady yelling the harsh comments was indeed clutching a long whip. I gulped and got in line behind Hannah and Ernie.
After a long walk, everyone reached Hogwarts castle. It looked gloomier than usual. Why were there so many obvious bad omens?
As soon as everyone sat down in the banqet hall, Snape came up and said, "There will be NO banquet tonight. All sorting shall take place in my office. If you aren't going to be sorted, leave to your common rooms. Take your leave." Everyone got up and went to thier house common room grumbling.
At the Hufflepuff common room, everyone just went to bed without a word. In the girls dorms, I took out some pumpkin pasties and Bernie Bott's every flavor beans and shared it with Hannah. We brushed our teeth and then went to bed.
The next morning, Hannah woke me up and we got dressed and went to breakfast.
At breakfast, all the colorful fruits and pumpkin juice were missing. Instead there was porridge and water. I snuck a pack of drink mix and put some in a few people's drinks to make it juice. We drank it quickly before we could be caught. The porridge taste terrible- like someone had mixed old lady toenail clippings with spoiled mush. I ate it grudgingly and was suprised I didn't throw up.
I checked my class schedule. First up, history of magic. Suprisingly, I could manage to stay awake and take notes in this class. I was the Hermione Granger of Hufflepuff. "Come on," I urged Hannah, "we've got History of Magic waiting." Glad for a reason to stop eating, Hannah followed me to class.
Professor Binns talked about the first wizarding war like he was being forced against his will. The Death eaters were probably trying to brainwash us into siding with Voldemort. That's right, I am not afraid to say VOLDEMORT.
In every class, the techers talked about things they were forced to say. The last class was defense against the dark arts. The new proffessor, Amycus, herded the hufflepuffs in. In a clear spot of wall, Amycus tapped his wand three times. Gagged first years suddenly appeared, thier hands and feet chained to the wall so they couldn't move them. "All right, use the cruciatus curse on them. Anyone of them. Just do it." Amycus ordered. One by one, the hufflepuffs used the cruciatus curse. Just after Hannah did it, she looked into the eyes of the first years and started crying into my shoulder. Then my turn came. I lifted my wand.............. I..... couldn't do it. Instead, I cried, "ALOHAMORA!" three times. The first years's locks unlocked themselves and the three of them ran off before Amycus could process it. All the hufflepuffs stared at me in awe, especially Hannah.
"YOU!" Amycus yelled, "NAME AND BLOOD STATUS, NOOOOOOOOOW!" I gulped and stammered, "S-Sarah E-Emerson, m-m-muggleborn." Amycus fumed. "A mudblood eh? I know how to deal with you." he said menacingly. The guy locked me in chains and slashed his wand across my chest. I crumpled and fell unconscious.
Sometime later, I woke up with Ernie cleaning my wound. So as not to shock him, I pretended to still be asleep. Hannah was sitting nearby, doing homework. Finally, Ernie wrapped badages were the injury was and went to the boy's dorms. I decided to offically wake up, startling Hannah. "Oh! You're awake! Are you okay Sarah?" I nodded and started doing homework. A half hour later, I was finished and I went to the girl's dorms to sleep.

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