Past Meets The Present (A Harry Potter tale)

In this story, the past meets the present as the Marauders, James, Remus, Sirius and Peter, along with Lily and Snape, Read the Harry Potter books. Also there with them are Harry, Ron Hermione and my OC Jamie Black. ;)

P.S. I´m sorry I couldn´t finish this chapter but, ther wasn´t enough room. The rest will be the next update!

Chapter 2

The Chapter Continues

Uncle Vernon nearly crashed into the car in front. He turned right around in his seat and yelled at Harry, his face like a gigantic beet with a mustache: "MOTORCYCLES DON'T FLY!"

Dudley and Piers sniggered.

"I know they don't," said Harry. "It was only a dream."

But he wished he hadn't said anything. If there was one thing the Dursleys hated even more than his asking questions, it was his talking about anything acting in a way it shouldn't, no matter if it was in a dream or even a cartoon — they seemed to think he might get dangerous ideas.

"Dangerous ideas? This man's an idiot." Said James.

Though, by the look on Jamie's face, she was getting a few.

Eyebrows were raised at said girl.

It was a very sunny Saturday and the zoo was crowded with families. The Dursleys bought Dudley and Piers large chocolate ice creams at the entrance and then, because the smiling lady in the van had asked Harry and Jamie what they wanted before they could hurry him away, they bought him a cheap lemon ice pop. It wasn't bad, either, Harry thought, licking it as they watched a gorilla scratching its head who looked remarkably like Dudley, except that it wasn't blond. Harry had the best morning he'd had in a long time. He was careful to walk a little way apart from the Dursleys so that Dudley and Piers, who were starting to get bored with the animals by lunchtime, wouldn't fall back on their favorite hobby of hitting him. Jamie stayed with him with a small glare on her face to ensure that they didn't.

"I'm sure that worked. Your glares are scary." Commented Ron.

They ate in the zoo restaurant, and when Dudley had a tantrum because his knickerbocker glory didn't have enough ice cream on top, Uncle Vernon bought him another one and Harry was allowed to finish the first, sharing it with Jamie. Harry felt, afterward, that he should have known it was all too good to last.

"Well, that doesn't sound good." Said George.

After lunch they went to the reptile house. It was cool and dark in there, with lit windows all along the walls. Behind the glass, all sorts of lizards and snakes were crawling and slithering over bits of wood and stone. Dudley and Piers wanted to see huge, poisonous cobras and thick, man-crushing pythons. Dudley quickly found the largest snake in the place. It could have wrapped its body twice around Uncle Vernon's car and crushed it into a trash can — but at the moment it didn't look in the mood. In fact, it was fast asleep.

Dudley stood with his nose pressed against the glass, staring at the glistening brown coils.

"Make it move," he whined at his father. Uncle Vernon tapped on the glass, but the snake didn't budge.

"Do it again," Dudley ordered. Uncle Vernon rapped the glass smartly with his knuckles, but the snake just snoozed on.

"This is boring," Dudley moaned. He shuffled away. Harry and Jamie moved in front of the tank and looked intently at the snake. They wouldn't have been surprised if it had died of boredom itself — no company except stupid people drumming their fingers on the glass trying to disturb it all day long. It was worse than having a cupboard as a bedroom, where the only visitor was Aunt Petunia hammering on the door to wake you up; at least they got to visit the rest of the house.

Jamie suddenly stiffened. How would they take the news of her being a Parselmouth? Not even George knew.

The snake suddenly opened its beady eyes. Slowly, very slowly, it raised its head until its eyes were on a level with Jamie's.

It winked.

"That's creepy." Commented Fred. A look of realization suddenly crossed Remus' face and he looked at Jamie to confirm his suspicions. She nodded and he gave her a small smile but, he didn't say anything.

Jamie stared. Then she looked quickly around to see if anyone was watching. They weren't. She looked back at the snake and winked, too. The snake jerked its head toward Uncle Vernon and Dudley, then raised its eyes to the ceiling. It gave Jamie a look that said quite plainly:

"I get that all the time."
"I know," Jamie murmured through the glass, though she wasn't sure the snake could hear her. "It must be really annoying." Harry was looking at her strangely. The snake nodded vigorously.

"Your a Parselmouth." Stated James as they all turned to look at her. She simply nodded and George got up and walked over to her. "Why didn't tell me?" He asked. "I was scared." She replied. "First year, I didn't know what it was so, I thought nothing of it. Then, second year, the way people were treating me when they found out. I was scared you'd think the same." She finished. Everyone was looking at them now, to see his reaction. He kneeled down in front of her and took her hand in his. (No, not on one knee. He aint proposing.) "I wouldn't judge for something like that. You are smart, kind, funny, incredibly beautiful-" She blushed at this. "- and something as small as being a Parselmouth couldn't over rule all of that." He finished she launched herself at him, hugging him. "Awww." Cooed Lily and Hermione causing the others to laugh. "God, when did you become so mushy?" Fred asked his twin then receiving glares from all the girls in the room plus George. George then sat back down and Jamie took a seat on his lap instead of Sirius'. "Happy now?" She asked him and he just smiled in return. "So, what about the rest of you?" She finally asked. "So what? Your a Parselmouth. That doesn't change who you are." Stated James and the others nodded vigorously."Thanks guys."

"Where do you come from, anyway?" Jamie asked.

The snake jabbed its tail at a little sign next to the glass. Jamie peered at it.

Boa Constrictor, Brazil.

"Was it nice there?" The boa constrictor jabbed its tail at the sign again and Jamie read on: This specimen was bred in the zoo. "Oh, I see — so you've never been to Brazil?" As the snake shook its head, a deafening shout behind Harry and Jamie made both of them jump. "DUDLEY! MR. DURSLEY! COME AND LOOK AT THIS SNAKE! YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT IT'S DOING!" Dudley came waddling toward them as fast as he could.

"Out of the way, you," he said, punching Harry in the ribs. Caught by surprise, Harry fell hard on the concrete floor. What came next happened so fast no one saw how it happened — one second, Piers and Dudley were leaning right up close to the glass, the next, they had leapt back with howls of horror.

"Cool, what did you do?" Asked Fred, George and Sirius at the same time. Sirius and George looked at each ther while Jamie smirked and shared a glance with Hermione.

Harry sat up and gasped; the glass front of the boa constrictor's tank had vanished.

"Wicked." Exclaimed the three.

The great snake was uncoiling itself rapidly, slithering out onto the floor. People throughout the reptile house screamed and started running for the exits.

As the snake slid swiftly past him, Jamie could have sworn a low, hissing voice said, "Brazil, here I come… Thanksss, amiga."

The keeper of the reptile house was in shock.

"But the glass," he kept saying, "where did the glass go?"

The zoo director himself made Aunt Petunia a cup of strong, sweet tea while he apologized over and over again. Piers and Dudley could only gibber. As far as Harry had seen, the snake hadn't done anything except snap playfully at their heels as it passed, but by the time they were all back in Uncle Vernon's car, Dudley was telling them how it had nearly bitten off his leg, while Piers was swearing it had tried to squeeze him to death. But worst of all, for Jamie at least, was Piers calming down enough to say, "Jamie was talking to it, weren't you, Jamie?". Uncle Vernon waited until Piers was safely out of the house before starting on Jamie. He was so angry he could hardly speak. He managed to say, "Go — cupboard — stay — no meals," before he collapsed into a chair, and Aunt Petunia had to run and get him a large brandy. Jamie lay in her dark cupboard much later, wishing she had a watch. She didn't know what time it was and she couldn't be sure the Dursleys were asleep yet. Until they were, she couldn't risk sneaking to the kitchen for some food. They'd lived with the Dursleys almost ten years, ten miserable years, as long as they could remember, ever since they'd been babies and his parents had died in that car crash, While her''s had just disappeared. He couldn't remember being in the car when his parents had died. Sometimes, when they strained their memories during long hours in their cupboard, they came up with a strange vision: a blinding flash of green light and a burning pain on their foreheads.

"Did you two survive the killing curse?" Asked Remus in astonishment. They both nodded. "That's incredible." He said. "But, how?" Questioned Lily. "You'll find out later." Harry replied.

This, he supposed, was the crash, though he couldn't imagine where all the green light came from. He couldn't remember his parents at all. Jamie couldn't think of where the light came from as her parents had just disappeared but, she couldn't remember her parents either. Though she could remember a bark like laugh and a big, shaggy black dog.

A few people gave her questioning looks while the marauders smiled.

His aunt and uncle never spoke about them, and of course he was forbidden to ask questions. There were no photographs of them in the house. The Dursleys were his only family, Harry was Jamie's only family as she wasn't actually related to the Dursleys. Yet sometimes the thought (or maybe hoped) that strangers in the street seemed to know them. Very strange strangers they were, too. A tiny man in a violet top hat had bowed to them once while out shopping with Aunt Petunia and Dudley. After asking them furiously if they knew the man, Aunt Petunia had rushed them out of the shop without buying anything. A wild-looking old woman dressed all in green had waved merrily at them once on a bus. A bald man in a very long purple coat had actually shaken their hands in the street the other day and then walked away without a word. The weirdest thing about all these people was the way they seemed to vanish the second they tried to get a closer look.
At school, Harry had no one besides Jamie and vice versa. Everybody knew that Dudley's gang hated that odd Harry Potter in his baggy old clothes and broken glasses, and nobody liked to disagree with Dudley's gang.

/"That's awful." Said Lily. "That's the end of the chapter." She continued. "I'll read next." Said George and the people from the present gasped. "George Weasley, reading?" Said Jamie in a mock surprised voice. "Oh, shut up." He snapped but, he was smiling

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