Falling for You-A Joe Walker Love Story

Hey, I'm new to this whole story writing thing and to Quibblo, so I hope whoever reads this enjoys it.
I have a completely unhealthy crush (obsession) on Joe Walker and had an idea in my head so I thought I should do something about it! I'm sure it's slightly predictable, and obviously most of it is untrue but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.
So just let me know what you guys think and I'll decide whether to continue with it or not. Any constructive criticism / ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

Chapter 24


This is kind of an intense chapter, but I hope you like it.

Joe's P.O.V.

College was turning out to be much better than I originally thought. I was actually making decent grades, and I also easily made friends with everyone in the theater program.

Besides Moses and Darren, who were two of my closest friends thus far, there were three others that I came particularly close to. First was Joey (let's pretend he's the same age as everyone else), a strange kid with a crooked jaw and a charming personality. Then Dylan, a guy with a boisterous laugh and massive amounts of raw, undiscovered singing talent. And finally there was Lauren, a tiny brunette with a pretty smile and a whole lot of sass. I knew that with those five, along with all of the other talented students, the theater program was definitely going to be a success.

One day before class started, everyone was goofing off as usual before the professor arrived. Darren and I were thumb wrestling before it soon started to get out of hand. Next thing I knew, we were in an all-out wrestling match, throwing each other to the floor. We were laughing and panting as the others cheered us on.

It wasn't until after the professor came and settled us down that I realized my wallet must have fallen out of the pocket of my jeans.

"Hey, has anyone seen my wallet?" I asked as I glanced across the room.

Darren was the first to find it and pick it up. Unfortunately, his curiosity got the best of him and he started to open it up. "Let's see, what do ya got in here, Joe-"

"No!" I blurted without thinking. My face flushed slightly as everyone turned to look at me in confusion.

Darren just gave me a weird look and continued to open up the wallet, quickly realizing the reason for my sudden discomfort.

"Hey look, everyone" he laughed, pulling out a wad of carefully cut photographs. "It looks like Joseph here's got a cute little girlfriend..."

"Awwww!" the girls cooed as they rushed over to Darren's side.

"Dude, just give them back" I muttered, making a grab for the pictures in his hand.

Darren quickly blocked my attempt and started going through each photo, one by one.

Every single picture was one of Katy and me as we were growing up together. There was one of us at just five years old, sitting on a park bench and smearing ice cream in each other's faces. That was about a week after we first met. The most recent, though, and my very favorite, was a picture of the two of us dancing together at the scholarship banquet our junior year of high school. Someone had snuck up on us and taken it that night as we were immersed in conversation, our faces lit up as we gazed at each other in contentment. I had never recalled her looking so beautiful than on that night, and for once, even if just for a moment, it really felt like she had been mine.

All of this ran through my mind as I now stood in the corner of the room, utterly embarrassed as my classmates went through my own personal memories.

"Joe, how long have you two been dating?" Jaime squealed.

Before I could answer, Moses interceded. "Oh, they're not dating. They're just friends" he said sarcastically. I scowled at him but he gave me a knowing smirk before continuing on. "Nope, it’s not like he's in love with her or anything at all. He just sleeps with her soccer jersey every single night he goes to bed, no big deal or anything..."

"Dude!" I gave him a look of betrayal. That was supposed to be between just the two of us.

"Awww, how cute!" the girls rambled on while the guys sent snide remarks and mock laughter my way.

I groaned in frustration. "Everyone just shut up, okay?" For some reason, I felt the need to defend myself. "She's just some stupid girl I knew in high school, it's no big deal."

"Aw, bitter, are we?" Joey retorted. "What, did she leave you for another guy or something?"

I really didn't know why I was so upset; I knew they were just giving me a hard time because I was their friend. But for some reason, anger suddenly boiled up inside my chest and I felt my face grow hot. Convulsively, I shoved Joey as hard as I could, making him fly backward onto the floor while taking out a couple of chairs in the process.

Everyone suddenly fell silent as they stared at me in shock, then at Joey, who was now moaning in pain as he clasped his wrist to his chest.


I walked back to my dorm in complete silence, the events of the past ten minutes scrambling to make sense in my mind. After Joey had been sent to the school clinic to get x-rays on his wrist, the professor had absolutely chewed me out, his head clearly fuming as he roared for me to get the hell out of his classroom.

My own anger had not yet subsided; in fact, it was only growing more rampant as I continued to let my mind mull over everything that had just happened.

As I entered the room I slammed the door shut behind me, again in an all-out rage. I let out a ferocious yell as I grabbed for anything and everything nearest me and automatically started ripping it to shreds. My head was spinning and throbbing so hard that I couldn't think and tears burned in my eyes to where I could barely see, but it only fueled my anger even more. I tore up all my posters, chunked discs across the room, and even threw my head into the wall a few times, totally hysterical.

Blindly I searched through my all of my things, rummaging around until my hand finally brushed across the blade of the scissors. I quickly grabbed them and stumbled over to my bed, feeling through the sheets until I found what I was looking for. Holding it at arm's length in my left hand, I took the scissors in my right and slashed through the purple soccer jersey as fiercely as I could, the material making a loud ripping sound as it tore down the middle. I ripped it to shreds until it was no longer discernible, the tiny pieces of cloth strewn all about the room.

Eventually I had to stop, breathing heavily as I looked around at the disaster I had created. There was nothing left to destroy. My own mattress now on the floor, I fell back onto Moses's bed in exhaustion. I lay there for what seemed like hours, now having no idea what to do. I was about to get up until something in a duffel bag in the corner of the room caught my eye. I went over to it and opened it up, and was slightly surprised by what I found. There were drinks of all kinds, from small bottles of tequila to tall cans of beer. I wasn't aware Moses was the drinking type; I had actually never tasted alcohol myself. But as I looked through the booze I suddenly became more and more interested.

I was away at college after all, wasn't I supposed to be a little daring?

I always heard alcohol was a great stress reliever anyway, and right now there was nothing I wanted more than to just forget everything that had ever happened to me.

I carefully pulled out a small bottle of liquor, unscrewed the cap, tilted my head back and then downed it all in one gulp. The liquid burned as it slid down my throat, and I winced at the bitter taste.

I could feel a slight buzz coming on as I collapsed back onto the bed.

I really didn't feel better at all, just empty and cold. I felt as though my life was now officially over. Everything I ever cared about was gone, and it was never coming back. My old friends were never coming back. She was never coming back.

Nothing mattered anymore, and I honestly just hated myself. I let out one final moan as I felt the booze finally take over to send me into a long, restless sleep. I only hoped that when morning came, I wouldn't ever wake up.

Sorry, I know it's kinda sad. But I hope you liked it and be sure to comment and rate please! Love you all!!

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