Falling for You-A Joe Walker Love Story

Hey, I'm new to this whole story writing thing and to Quibblo, so I hope whoever reads this enjoys it.
I have a completely unhealthy crush (obsession) on Joe Walker and had an idea in my head so I thought I should do something about it! I'm sure it's slightly predictable, and obviously most of it is untrue but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.
So just let me know what you guys think and I'll decide whether to continue with it or not. Any constructive criticism / ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

Chapter 3

The Question

"Joe, come on! We have to get to class!" I called over my shoulder as I began walking down the hallway.

I heard Joe slam his locker door and jog to catch up with me.

"Sorry, I couldn't find my stupid math book!" he said, sounding exasperated.

Typical Joe, I thought, rolling my eyes but unable to contain a smile. Always so disorganized.

We walked down the long hallway to our Calculus class in comfortable silence. I glanced over to Joe and we smiled fondly at each other. Eleven years since that fateful first meeting in the library, and we are still best friends. Now, in our junior year in high school, we remain virtually inseparable. Through many gruesome years of schooling, to Joe's father's tragically fatal car accident, to dealing with my crushing periods of depression, nothing could tear us apart. Our companionship was undoubtedly one of the things we both held most dear.

"So, how's the play coming along?" I asked Joe as we walked into the classroom. "Are you nervous yet for opening night?"

I sat down in a desk near the back of the room, carefully pulling out what I needed from my backpack, while Joe flopped down in the seat next to me.

"Course not, Kit-Kat" he said casually.

Joe, never liking my overly plain name, decided soon after we became friends in Kindergarten my new name to him would forever be Kit-Kat, partially because it included letters from my name, but mostly because it was his very favorite candy bar.

He then turned his head to me and smiled, his dazzling blue eyes sparkling even more as he said, "As long as I have my best friend front row and center to cheer me on."

I grinned and gave him a friendly punch on the arm in return. "Wouldn't miss it."

Yes, Joe was a theater nerd. But he was a fantastic one, at that. I couldn't recall how many times I'd seen him perform on stage and think he'd never be able to outdo himself, but he'd proven me wrong time and time again. I could not wait to see what kind of crazy twist he would put on his character Dorothy in Roosevelt High's upcoming spoof on The Wizard of Oz.

We were able to get through Calculus without too much trouble; however, I did look over to Joe at one point to see him with his head in his hands, obviously frustrated.

As the bell rang and we walked back out into the hallway, Joe muttered angrily, "That class is seriously going to be the death of me!"

I attempted to give him a little encouragement. "Mr. Parks is just in a crappy mood because he and his wife got a divorce and he's probably trying to take his anger out in his work or something. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon."

"No, I won't. Let's face it, I suck at math. Gah, why do you have to be so much smarter than me in everything!?"

It was mainly true. I was considerably better than Joe in math and most other subjects, but that wasn't always more important. Joe was so much more talented than me in many other ways, particularly in performing on stage, and he never failed to amaze me. My bashfulness remained throughout my childhood and, though I was perfectly capable of talking to kids my age and making new friends, I was terrified of being in front of people. Though I could give a perfectly satisfactory performance at my occasional piano recital, giving a speech in class or simply standing in front of a large audience almost left me trembling in fear. Joe, however, thrived in the spotlight, bringing people to their feet with his astonishing comedic skills or incredible tear-jerking sensitivity. From the moment he first stepped on stage, I knew he was "destined for greatness," so to speak.

"Don't worry, Joseph" I said, lightly touching his back to reassure him. "I'll tutor you. It'll be fine."

He huffed and rolled his eyes. "Good, 'cause I'm gonna need all the help I can get. I won't get to be in the play if I don't pass. How ticked do you think Ms. Fields would be if I told her I couldn't perform in her musical? She'd kill me for sure!"

Ms. Fields, the crazy theater instructor with the huge horn-rimmed glasses, was known for having the occasional anger spasm. One could hear her clearly from the complete opposite side of the school, angrily spewing forth words and phrases that had no apparent meaning, one of her poor theater students usually being her primary target.

"Yeah, right!" I laughed. "She loves her precious Joey Bear so much, if you don't be more careful she might ask you to marry her!"

Joe was basically Ms. Fields' prized possession, and really the only student she ever liked. And for good reason, sure. Like I said, Joe was extremely talented, very rarely making the slightest mistake even in rehearsals. But Ms. Fields' adoration for him was so over the top, even Joe occasionally became a little worried her praise for him sometimes crossed the border of strictly teacher-to-student relations.

We continued down the hallway that would eventually lead us to our next classes; Joe had English 3, and I had American History.

"Oh, I almost forgot!" I said suddenly, freezing right in the middle of the hallway.

"Yeah?" Joe asked, raising his eyebrows in curiosity.

"Um, well..." I lowered my gaze to Joe's shoes, slightly embarrassed.

"Seriously, Katy? You're gonna be like that, and in front of me!? I thought we talked about this whole stupid shyness thing!"

"I know, I know..."

He grabbed my shoulders and hunched down slightly to my level, leaning his head in to force me to look into his eyes. "Come on, be brave. Just spit it out!"

"All right" I sighed. "Well, you know the Sadie Hawkins Dance is coming up and--you know I really don't like dances--but Mariah and Allison told me I don't have a choice this time cause I'm apparently 'missing out on all the fun.' But I don't wanna be lame and not have a date so..." I mumbled the last part, "I was wondering if you might want to go with me."

"Oh..." he said, a little taken aback.

I looked up quickly with widened eyes. "But if you don't want to that's completely fine. Or if it's too weird or whatever, since we're just friends, that's fine too. Or--"

"Whoa, relax!" Joe laughed, thoroughly amused at my rambling. "I was just a little surprised. Of course I'll go with you." He then bowed and held out his hand. "In fact, it would be my honor."

I smiled gratefully and laid my hand in his. "Thank you, sir" I replied, playing along.

"Always a pleasure."

And with that, he kissed my hand lightly then walked off to class.

What a nutcase...

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