The Current (A Hunger Games Fanfiction)

Ren Watercress is just another girl in District 4, living through every year in her life worrying about the Hunger Games, and whether she will be picked..or her loved ones.

In a struggle with Panem and her own district, Ren tries to fight for what is worth. But when you don't know what your most treasured possesion is, how can you protect it?

Chapter 30

In the Capitol's Hands

The world blurred before Ren's eyes and loud sounds confused her. She tried to pry her lashes apart so she could actually see, but it was to no avail; they were stuck. Her lips felt dry and cracked, but all she could concentrate on was the sudden sound of human voices next to her.

Where was she? The Games? Had it all been a dream? Who was talking to her? Where they even talking to her? Was she dead?

Another thousand questions rushed through her, causing her head to pound. She tried to sit up, but it was to no avail. Her body was stiff, and something was holding her down...

Ren tried to rely on her senses, but all she smelled was stale air and all she heard were those voices whose words she couldn't define.

Then it was as if someone unplugged her ears and with a rush of air that made her ears tingle, Ren could hear a cold, sharp voice talking to her, "Are you awake?"

Terror rushed through her, but she opened her mouth automatically, her tongue twisting uneasily as it tried to produce the right sound, "Y-yes."

Where am I?

As if he'd heard her thoughts, the man spoke up, slowly now. "You don't exist. It's very important that you remember that. Sleep well."

Before she could protest, there was a sharp stab on the inner side of her elbow, and though Ren tried to fight it, she drifted off into a deep slumber within seconds, a blessed, peaceful ignorance coming over her features.


The girl fluttered her lashes, parting them with some trouble. Her eyes flitted around the room, taking some time to focus properly. What met them as they did, however, gripped her heart with fright.

She was clearly in the Capitol's hands. The walls were made from a grisly grey material that looked cold and hostile. The floor was tiled. Only artificial light shone in the room; no friendly windows were present. A table with dangerous-looking instruments stood next to her--the girl gulped--and for the first time she noticed some kind of tube plastered to her hand...and that she was tied down to the plastic sides of the bed she was lying in.

The girl was so startled that she tried to sit up, which of course didn't work. A jerk from the leather belts tied around her chest stopped her and nearly pushed her back into the bed. A sharp jolt shot through her back, and she winced, her breath shallow. No one had been in the lonely, cold room, but once she'd moved an alarm had sounded--which still pierced her ears--consisting of high, annoying beeps that seemed to scold her.

A male that was wearing a white coat and large, round glasses came storming in--a docter, Ren assumed, due to his uniform--but he relaxed as soon as he saw her lying peacefully in the bed and slammed a large, red button. He was rather small, but his eyes were cold and grey, rather like the room. The girl knew immedietly that he'd been the one talking to her when she'd woken up before, and indeed, a mere second later the voice spoke up, a suppressed sneer in it, "Got a bit restless, did you?"

Ren glanced at him and opened her mouth to speak, only to realize something was wrong.

She couldn't feel her tongue.

Her eyes widened in panic and she struggled, hysteria bubbling up. The man noticed and smirked. "Don't worry, darling. You're not an Avox--not yet, anyway-- we just gave you some sedation, which is why you can't speak. Go ahead, feel around. It's still there."

Ren slowly calmed down at his (despite his, rather) menacing words and nodded, though she tilted her head in a questioning way.

The doctor understood and showed his awfully white teeth again, while stroking the blonde goatee on his chin thoughtfully. "Why you're still alive? Don't ask me. I saw the Games too. Your guess is as good as mine, probably better."

So I was right. I'm in the Capitol. Which brings me to the next point. They kept me alive. For what reason? To torture me? Use me for an experiment? Or do they keep tributes alive all the time, if they have the opportunity?

Her thoughts flitted inevitably to Mano, and she wondered whether he was all right. Probably. Victors usually got pampered...unless he wasn't the Victor. That's ridiculous, Ren. You heard them say he was.

"We erased all your scars, to make you look pretty. Another request from the Capitol," the doctor sneered, his glasses flashing in the ugly white light. "It's a little strange, don't you think? How they want us to treat you?"

Of course, Ren didn't reply, but couldn't help thinking that if the man always made those remarks he wouldn't be around for long. They'd find a way to get rid of him without anyone noticing...or perhaps people would notice, but they'd be smart enough not to question his absence.

"Well, I ought to get going," the man sighed, tapping the strange instrument he was wearing on his wrist with an attitude that signified it was incredibly important. "Try not to move, will you? I'd have to give you a dosis again. What a waste..."

He left off muttering to himself, closing the heavy metal door with a loud, unpleasant noise. Ren cringed and glanced around, her tongue slowly seeming to thaw...or at least, that was the best description she could give to the strange, numbing feeling in her mouth.

Barely five minutes had passed when the door opened again, but this time it was a familiar, pleasant face that entered.

"Ren! They said you were awake!" exclaimed Mano, his face eager and child-like. Two big, burly men in Peacekeeper's suits stood behind him, looking rather imposing and identical, both of their brows folded over their eyes, a grim twist to their lips. They formed a strange contrast with the lean, handsome boy in front of them, on who's face a look of apprehension had appeared.

The girl gave him a look and he cringed slightly, walking towards her bed slowly, his eyes full of self-concious guilt. "I don't have a lot of time."

Of course you don't, Ren thought, glaring at him. Nevermind that I just --well, nearly, anyway-- sacrificed myself for you, nevermind that I gave up everything. You don't have time for me, the Capitol waits.

He seemed to realize it as well, because red crept up on his neck, slowly flooding his cheeks. He seemed uncomfortable with the Peacekeepers behind him and his eyes grew even more troubled. "I'm...really sorry. I'll explain it all later, alright? Just...don't try anything, please. Stay right here."

Even if Ren had been capable of answering, she wouldn't have snapped at him. There was a certain amount of moisture in his eyes and his mouth was turned down, clearly upset. Despite how clean and handsome his face looked, it was obvious that he was worried. There were deep circles under his eyes and whenever he talked, Ren could see the dried blood on the inside of his lips. He'd been chewing it in anxiety. Clearly, something was wrong.

And that something also told Ren that if he was worried, she should be even more so.

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