Just Believe (An original story)

I know I have two incomplete stories (Split Apart and F), but I have this idea spreading and I want to start writing it! (This is kinda a sports-related story, so yeah, not a huge topic on this site but whatever)

Chapter 1


by: dat_nerd
"And the Bulldogs smashed the Vipers 137-51! The Vipers have now dropped their record to 0-6." That was what I heard watching the news that morning. I was the star player for the losing team that night scoring forty of those fifty-one points. I was the star for all of those six losses, and we got killed in all of them. None of them played well and none of them could succeed in the game. The TV then showed the current standings of our league. It said...

"North Division
Rebels 5-1
Demons 4-2
Raiders 1-5
Vipers 0-6

South Division
Bulldogs 4-2
Whistlers 4-2
Zappers 3-3
Greyhounds 3-3

Central Division
Salamanders 6-0
Avengers 2-4
Ramblers 2-4
Wranglers 1-5

East Division
Ducks 3-3
Knights 3-3
Greens 3-3
Ashers 2-4

West Division
Dragons 6-0
Bucks 5-1
Trojans 5-1
Sharks 3-3

There we were. We were the only winless team. All of our losses so far were to stronger teams (Dragons, Trojans, Salamanders, Whistlers, Rebels, Bulldogs). There was a game that night against another lowly team, the Raiders.

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