Your Perfect World

just a poem i wrote in ELA class. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

The Perfect World

by: Foopadoop
Come with me,
And you shall see
A world of never ending laughter.
A place of happiness and joy,
A place of where children can enjoy
Their own happily ever after.

A place where fairy tales come true,
And no evils pass through
In this world of happy endings.
Where friends are in every sight,
And heroes filled with might
Stand there awaiting your commanding.

Where fairies flitter
And butterflies flutter
In the bubbly blue sky.
Where violet flowers cover the fields
And trees of green grow tall and shield
You from the warm sun floating high.

Come with me
And you shall see
A world of your own creation.
It waits for you,
So pass back through
Your world of imagination.

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