2 things... please read for at least the first.

Chapter 1

Yay :D

1. Talia9999 is having a picture contest, and no one is really participating. I was hoping if you all can help :) Here is the link:


and while you are at it, add her :)

2. Talking about adding friends, thank you to those who accepted my friend requests and those who send me them. I HAVE 200 FRIENDS :D. And thank you to those who read my stories and check out my songs. These are a few that I can think of from the top of my head:

-Nubilis :)))))))
-lalaluna :)))
-someone_like_you :))
-Trust_me :)
-Bellweather :)))
-Athena_Child :))
-Unknown2theworld :)
-Paranoia :)
-Stormy_raven :)
-shortie1122102 :))
-Alwaysapartofme :)))
-Angelica_Rose :)
-Immablastdatmusicloud :)
-Scarlett_night :))
-Lexi_Riddle :) [for opening this and for awesome commenting]

If I missed anyone, tell me in the comments :) thank you all!!


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