You Don't Know You the Way I Do (A Brian Holden Love Story)

Okay guys!! Time for a Brian Holden love story!! :D Hope guys like it!! Also! I may not always get all the info right but I'm trying my best!!! Enjoy!!:D You guys are totally awesome!!!:D

Chapter 1

New Production and a Starkid Pillow Fight(:

"Arizona Breanna Drew! Get your lazy butt down here right now! We're gonna be late for the meeting at the Manor and Nick's gonna shoot us!' I hollered towards my best friend's room as Lauren and I stood waiting by the door, fully dressed and ready to go.
Since Jaime had left a few hours earlier leaving us with only one car, we were forced to wait on her.
"Jesus Em! I'm coming! Calm the hell down!" she said finally coming down the stairs properly clothed.
She struggled to pull on her other shoe as she walked towards us waiting at the door. I sighed and looked at Lauren, no wonder she took so long! She was way over dressed! But then again this wasn't unusually for her, she loved dressing up and being the center of attention!
"Whatever Ari! Lets just go! We're late enough already!" Lauren said as we took her by the arms and dragged her out to my silver Altima.
We released her so she could climb into the back seat before getting in my car and high tailing it to the Manor, the meeting started at one and it was one fifteen. Great, we were dead.
Once we were there we quietly snuck through the front door unnoticed, "Drew, Daniels, Lopez! That better be you! Get your butts in here now!" Nick hollered at us as we tried to tip toe down the hallway, shittt.
"Damnn Nick and his super human hearing!" Arizona whispered as we quickly made our way quickly into the living room.
Nick death glared at us as we entered the living room where all of Team Starkid sat waiting on us.
"Hey, guys!" I said awkwardly trying to break away from Nick's glare as I walked over to one of the couches to take my usual seat in between Holden and Joey.
Arizona sat in a loveseat next to Jaime while Rosenthal sat on the arm, and Lauren sat cross legged on the floor in front of Walker and Darren.
"Now that the entire group is here let's start discussing our next production, A Very Potter Sequel. You guys all know who you'll be playing so let's pick a partner and begin running over some lines. Later I'll pass out a calendar for the rehearsal schedule." Nick said with the intense yet somehow playful look he always had when he was discussing something that had to do with one of our plays or events.
Holden looked at me, "Partners?" he asked handing me a copy of the script that was being passed the room.
I laughed, "Definitely!" I replied standing up from the couch.
Brian was absolutely my very best friend out of the group besides my roomies Ari, Lauren, and Jaime, and Darren, Joey, and Walker. I met him our Freshmen year at UMich and we've been best friends ever since. There was just one little thing that made our friendship a bit more interesting and problematic.
I like him, a lot.
I have for a little over a month and a half now, he has no idea but according to Lauren she thinks he might like me too.
But then again her sources consisted of Darren and whoever else had something interesting to share among the group.
Brian took my hand and led me over to the side of the room over by the kitchen, my heart nearly jumping out of my chest the entire time our skin was in contact.
"So, you wanna just run through all of our lines and get into character?" he asked releasing my hand and waving his script around awkwardly as he talked.
I laughed grabbed his wrist to stop him, "Sure. From the beginning?" he nodded, a faint blush creeping into his cheeks, and began reading.

"Okay guys, great job today! Official rehearsals will start on Thursday!" Nick announced passing out a calendar with the next few months' worth of events and rehearsals printed on it.
A cheer erupted throughout the room as every Starkid, myself included, cheered as we were finally released.
"How about a Starkid sleepover???" Walker, Joey, and Darren exclaimed jumping up from the couch, each picking up a cushion and beginning to whack each other with them.
We all shouted in agreement and picked up the nearest fluffy object and beating each other with it. Joe, Joey, Darren and Holden teamed up on me, beating me until I had no idea what pillow belonged to who. They just laughed and continued the pummel me.
I laughed and screamed, "Guys! Quit it! You're gonna kill me!" I said still laughing and struggling to protect my face.
"Raaahhh!" Brian hollered throwing him pillow down on the ground, picking me up from behind.
I screamed and kicked as he threw onto the now cushion less couch and began tickling me.
I screamed louder, doing my best not to kick him, "Ah! Brian stop! Ha ha ha, quit it! You're gonna make me pee!"
He just laughed and pinned me down as Joey, Joe, and Darren joined in on tickling me. Our eyes connected as he pinned me to the couch, our faces closer than usual. Suddenly he looked away and released me and I rushed to get up before he was ambushed by Arizona, Lauren, and Jaime.
"Leave Em alone you evil boys!" they shouted as Jaime rushed to get Joey, Lauren began beating Darren, and Ari continued pummeling Brian
I laughed and rushed to the kitchen just in time to see Rosenthal distract Ari and Holden escaped into the kitchen as well.
"Hey, you okay?" he said with a laugh as we ducked breathlessly behind the counter and out of sight.
I giggled, "Yeah I'm fine, you?"
"Yep! I don't seem to have received any major injuries." He said pretending to inspect himself.
We both laughed for a minute before looking up into each others eyes.
I looked at the clock and noticed it was just after eight thirty already, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!" I asked him getting super excited and also trying to calm the giant butterflies in my stomach as he looked at me with his beautiful hazel eyes.
"I think I might!" he said his excitement mirroring my own.
"On 3 we stand up and shout it?" ask asked a playful smile on my face.
He nodded, "On 3."
"Movie time!" we both shouted jumping up in the kitchen.
Everyone stared at us in a moment before shouting a mixture of different agreements.
"Disney movie!" Darren shouted once everyone had quieted down, running towards the DVD player and forcing a disk into the slot.
We all just laughed and looked at our crazy friend.
"Let's build a fort!" Joe and Joey shouted as the rushed to gather all the various cushions and things from every room in the house.
"I'll order a pizza!" Dylan shouted digging in his pocket for his cell phone.
"Wait! Before you guys start the movie! I believe Jaime, Ari, Lauren, and I have some things to pack and return with!" I said looking at the four of them and giving Arizona a suspicious look as she sat whispering in the loveseat with Rosenthal.
I would ask her about that later.
"Bye guys! We shall return bearing much needed snacks and sleepover supplies!" Arizona said as I grabbed my keys which had somehow ended up on the floor by the door.
The girls followed me out followed by a few other Starkids who needed to grab a few things from home.
The four of us piled into my car Lauren, Jaime and Ari tripping over each other to claim the front passenger seat.
"Victory!" Jaime cried out as she slipped into the car.
I laughed and Lauren and Arizona grumbled as they got in the back. Tonight was gonna be another crazy night as a member of Team Starkid. I could already tell as we pulled up in front of our apartment and rushed out of the car and up the stairs, and I couldn't wait!

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