My Little "Emo" Friend

Just gonna tall about my little "emo" friend.... But she's not little. Well she is shorter than me but she's older. I'm just gonna get to the point now.

Chapter 1

The Friend

Well I have a friend, that same friend I mentioned in that other story I wrote. Alice. So she thinks she's emo and denies it but wants people to know. Was that confusing? Let me slow it down. So she thinks she's emo. But she tells people she isn't emo. Yet she tells others she might be. Like for example, she texted me saying,"I want to be emo" and I said,"Why" because it's not really anything special. I mean if you're emo, it's like,"Yeah I'm emo, what's it to ya?"
Anyways, later she texted me saying,"Cuz it's cool" Later that month she texted me saying she took a quiz and said it she was emo. She was all like,"But I'm not Emo!!" Guess what she tweeted! She tweeted,"I got emo on this quiz..."
I don't know why but she tries to convince herself she's emo... I don't know why because being emo is just gonna make life harder for her. Maybe she wants to be emo because I am, Alice has been interested in my interests lately and she never liked them before.
Also, she tried to convince me that she was emotional by saying she cried three days in a row.... I know she's not emotional. She the toughest person I know. She'd beat someone up easily and not easily affected by anything. She used to draw but she quit to pursue writing. Haven't heard anything about it since the beginning of November.
I don't really know what to think actually. I mean... It takes one to know one. Did that match with this paragraph? Oh well. What do you guys think? I'm in a state of confusion. I even wrote an angry letter!! I'm gonna rip it up now and save it for an unknown reason....


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