The Princess of Ice and Prince of Fire (Arranged Marrage- Suppernatural)

Hello! So here is my first legit story and I will follow it all the way and such and such... I'm
New to this so if anyone is put there and has any input on my story PLZ message me!!! Also don't forget to RATE! XD thank you valuable readers and I hope to have two more chapters tonight and maybe even a starting of other stories so pleas look around and ENJOY!!

Chapter 1

Character Info and Story Summary

by: Hp879
Main Characters:

Name: Elizabeth Mores Icehering
Age: 16
Hair: Dark Chestnut
Eyes: A Hazel Color ( which is strange among her people because most have blue... Even both parents)
Body: Curvy
Height: Bout 5' 3''
Personality: Really sweet girl, outgoing, never really gets mad, is against violence, TOTALLY innocent, instead of getting mad she gets sad and try's to ALWAYS make sure EVERYONE is happy before her.
House: She is Princess of the Water and Ice house
Siblings: One VERY jealous older sister named Mary-Anne
Powers: Controls Water and Ice (obviously)

Name: Brayden Manchester Firehind
Hair: A red that changes light when he is happy or a deep dark red when mad
Eyes: A dark brown, almost black, also when he gets angry it is said that his eyes light up red.
Body: Tall, fit, and muscular
Personality: Hot-Headed, gets what he wants, doesn't like doing what he is told, deep down he is really sweet and caring though and very protective over those he loves.
House: He is the Prinfe of the House of Fire and heir to the throne of the MAIN HOUSE! *Main house is the house that controls all others
Siblings: a little brother that is just 10 years old and is still totally adorable! XD
AGE: 18

There are four houses
-Water (royal family can turn/ control ice into/and as water)
-Fire (also royal family controls lightning)
-Earth ( royal family can talk to animals)
-Air (royal family doesn't need to breath if they don't want to for a selected amount of time)

Then there is the HEAD house and this house has a queen and king that rules all and makes sure that there is order... Each king is chosen from a different house after each sucsessor and then must choose someone from one of the 4 houses to make his bride... This time the old king of head house just died and he was of the water house so fire is next and guess who was chosen... ;P (btw it was Brayden)

There are two children made by the king and queen and here are the two for now and oldest comes first-
Water- Marry-Anne and Elizabeth
Fire- Brayden and Zach
Earth- Hugo and Mike
Air- Cyrus and Alex

They usually pick a commoner to marry, but now the chosen new Head House king must choose a bride and right now she MUST be from Water House because no one else had a daughter so his parents and the Water House parents choose Elizabeth because she was more appropriate for the job of ruling and when her sister will find out she will be PISSED!! So next chapter will be both girls finding out whats going to happen... XD

BTW!!! Sorry forgot earlier but Braydens powers are to be able to control/ conjure fire and lightning! XD
I REALLY hope you all enjoy it I am new to writing stories so please take the time to rate or message me for some feedback on how I can improve!! Thanks sooo much my wonderful readers and let the story BEGIN! XD

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