The Rules of The Game [A Starkid Story]

Alright here's a Starkid Story!

All Starkid characters belong to Starkid.

Ok we hope you enjoy, please comment and rate. :D (If you want to...)

Also this story is made by me Nargle_Girl_13 and Pheo Fantasy_Fighter

Chapter 1

To Start with a Flashback...

by: Together_
Name (Full): Lillia Ann Springs
Personality: sweet, funny, out-going, shyish at times, intellingent, gets scared easily, sarcastic
Age: 20
Occupation/Job: Works at a coffee shop
Any Siblings Names: Riley- little sister 13, and older brother- Leo, 28
Apperence: Long brown curly hair, blue eyes, curvy but skinny, 5'6
Hobbies: Likes to write, quote people, likes to take pictures, draws, colors when shes feeling down, hates huge crowds

(Alright I'm going to start out with a flashback..)

We were like the three musketeers. We did everything together, the three of us, best friends. Except we got older, and opprotunites blossomed. City, and I Lillia got jobs, and Joey got a great job working in plays and muscials, and moved away from us. We were happy for him, but for me I hated him for it...

I see City coming through the door looking quite excited with papers in her hand. I hide hoping she didn't see me because I'm having a pretty bad day and cheery people are gonna just make me angrier.

"Lillia I'm not stupid. I see you," City said, giving me a slight smile.

"I wasn't hiding I was just... picking a penny off the floor," I replied with a smile.

"Yeah, yeah, anyways your not going believe what I got!" she said, waving her hand wildly.

Today was not being a great day for me.... "What did you get!?" I asked trying to sound excited knowing it wouldn't work.

"I got tickets for us to go see this musical in Chicago!" she said jumping around a bit.

Chicago? What did I know about Chicago? Oh, I know, the stupid city Joey ran off to. How could I be excited for that?

"Great, cause I'm not going." I said and I turned around and continued on with my job.

"Lillia," she says, sitting at the bar stool, "you can't ignore him forever, you know."

"I can and I will," I say and set down her cappichino.

"But how do you know he is going to be in this exact musical?" she asks, taking a sip of her cappichino.

"He will be I know it," I say and glance at the ground

City gasps. "You have been reading his letters haven't you?"

I think about all of the letters Joey has sent me. Every month a new one that I wouldn't read.

I sigh, "City, I'm your best friend, just please understand I don't want to go!"

"But Lill-" she starts, but I cut her off "I don't want to! End of discussion!"
She stands up and grabs her bag, "Have some fun Lillia, forget about Joey, call me if you change you mind." I hear the door close and know she is gone.

Alright time for Pheo to take over! :D

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