The Rules of The Game [A Starkid Story]

Alright here's a Starkid Story!

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Also this story is made by me Nargle_Girl_13 and Pheo Fantasy_Fighter

Chapter 2

Duder's A Spyyyy.... :)

Name: Felicity Lights Wolfe (Nickname: City)
Job: Works at a Music Store
Age: 20
Hobbies: Acting, plays drums and keyboard, Likes to remember people's last words, poetry and reading.
Personality: Smart, quiet, slightly awkward, imaginative, clever, independent, loyal, creative, funny, kind.
Appearence: Slightly curley auburn-brown hair (goes to mid back); grey blue eyes; High cheekbones; normal skin tone; acceptionally skinny; 5' 4" tall; glasses; long fingers.

[Hello there! I hope you enjoy this! Needed something to put here]

I furrow my eyebrows in frustration at the previous argument, stalking off down the street. I sigh and run my hand through my hair then adjust my glasses, whom's transitions weren't working.
Joey left us.
Joey's a jerk.
Joey's annoying.
Joey writes us letters.
Why is Joey so damn complicated? Fvck.
In all reality, I want to see this musical. Ex-best friend and the most nice people preforming a talented musical? Why wouldn't I want to go?
Oh, yeah. Because my best friend isn't over how he left us.

I walk into the music store I work at, so wonderfully owning the name 'The Jam Room', and go behind the counter to wait for someone to check out. As I wait, I pull out a copy of Looking for Alaska and begin to absorb. John Green at his finest, people.
Dylan, who was my age and worked as a Guitar tuner, practically, walked out from the back. I could feel his gaze on me, and finally he said, "When did you get here?"
I slam my book shut and turn to face him, jaw clenched.
"No hello? How was your day so far? How are you?" I ask.
"Well, then, excuse me," he replies, still staring at me blankly.
"Dylan..." I sigh and then weakly say, "just go do something that allows you to keep your miserable life stably financed."
He does a sort of salute, then goes back to the guitar section. I rub my forehead then turn back to the counter.

Sometimes I like to watch the street outside. See who passes by, what cars go, what people are too busy to enjoy these ever-so-blank days in Boston. So far in life, no one famous has passed.
Well... I guess someone famous could have passed. The car windows may have been tinted....
I didn't own a phone (they were much too overpriced for any of my liking or budget), so I had no friends to communicate with.
Just me, Pudge, and my bag filled with songs I've been working on.
Which were total wastes, and I've literally considered just ripping the pieces of music out and burning them to forever begone!
But, alas, the pages are glued in. So if I rip one paper they all go.

My mind kept wandering from coffee to how to get Lillia to enjoy life. And it's really frustrating when you're trying to focus on a book and things get in the way. So I shut my book and exhaled, leaning back and looking around. I did not, emphasis on the non-italic not, buy two tickets to go alone. Do you know how hard it was to get those? Hard. As. ...Something challenging.
I pull my hair up in a ponytail and grab a pen. I start to bite on it to help me think, cause I seriously was so clueless-
"Citah!" someone shouts, stopping my thinking. I look up, startled, and look around then infront of me.
"Oh my God!" I gasp, seeing a smiling Rush standing in front of me.

Rush is my brother. His real name is Issac, but he thinks Rush sounds cooler. So, he uses it. He visits the store often, mainly because he plays in a band, called Midnight Parade. I tried telling him that he should have came up with something cooler, but he'd listen to me- never.
"Mouth!" he says, then asks, "So, did you get those drum sticks in yet?"
"Here...," I mutter, pulling them out from behind the counter, and handing them to him. "That'll be eleven dollars. Think about leaving without paying...." I give him a dark look and then smile.
He hands me a ten and a one, then puts them in his back pocket.

"So, how did the persuading go?" He asks. Rush didn't know what StarKid was, but knew Joey.
"Flamboyantly horrific," I say. He raises an eyebrow.
"I think you mean flexibly terrific."
"No. I know what I mean."
"Obviously you don't."
"Get out. If you don't your face will forever be apart of that wall."
Rush leaves, sneering, and I sigh inwardly. I check the watch above me- only one more hour. I could deal.

I walk home from work, and seeing how it was January this really sucked. Boston was so cold and horrible at this time of year, in this year, that I could hardly walk. I listened to my iPod as I trembled home, thinking about a new My Little Pony coming on.
You read me right, son. MLP is the best. Rainbow Dash forever. ^.^
I stomp my feet outside of the door and go inside. I could immediately smell something burnt- either dinner or another failed food creation.
"I'm home, mom!" I shout, and pull my coat off. I lazily lay it on the couch and walk into the kitchen. "What'cha doin' in here?"
"I'm-attempting-" she explains through gritted teeth. She pours something out of a pot into the sink and groans, so I just decide to leave her alone and go to my room.
I pick up our phone and sit on my bed. I debated on who to call. No, scratch that. I wondered if I should call. Hm...

Ring. Ring. Ring.
I made a mental comment on how slightly boring the tone was, then she picked up.
"Oh, why hello, Lillia. How are you this wonderful evening?" There was a pause.
"City...," she groans.
"Watching TV? Looking around on Youtube? Thinking about-" She makes an incredible whining noise and I look at the phone oddly. Then I bust into laughter and say, "What was that?"
"Shut up and leave me alone."
"Someone's feeling dandy-handy. Listen, I was thinking about those tickets."
Another groan.

"Lilli, come on!" I plead. "It's a one night thing. One night! He's not going to, like, kill you or something. So chill." She doesn't say anything for a moment.
"But... it'll be awk-"
"If he freaking remembers us, dammit, it'll be a friendly reunion. Not awkward, not scary, nice."
"Do you know how I'll feel, seeing him again?" I bite my lip.
"Look... let's not focus on him. Let's focus on the fact that we don't know what it's going to be about! Or... or that- dude! Starship Rangers! How cool is that?!"
She heaves a sigh. "Ugh..." then, "Fine."

I shout with enthusiasm then cough and say in seriousness, "Well then. That is settled. We shall go!"

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