The Rules of The Game [A Starkid Story]

Alright here's a Starkid Story!

All Starkid characters belong to Starkid.

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Also this story is made by me Nargle_Girl_13 and Pheo Fantasy_Fighter

Chapter 3

Blubber of a Whale

by: Together_
I looked through my closet ripping everything out. I hear my mother come up the stairs. She peeks through my door, "Lilli, sweetie, is everything alright?"
I make a werid noise, "Call City, right now!"

My mom gives me an alarming look but disappears down the stairs.

"Lilli? What's wrong with you, your mum said it was urgent!" City says tossing herself onto my bed

"UGH!" I say and toss clothes on my floor, then give City a pyschotic look

"Aww, Lilli, you know I can't and won't go shopping just to go to a show!" she says to me back

"But City! I have to look ahmazin' for Joey!" I sigh and make a whiny noise

"NO! I won't do it, take Riley, she loves shopping! Besides I thought you hated him?" she replys and starts hanging up some of my clothes.

"I do hate him I just-" I start to cry, hoping she'll say yes. "Lilli, your not fooling me, now just wear this!" I look at it and by the looks of my expression, she tosses it in the closet

"Fine, I'll take Rush, then." I say sticking my tongue out

"Oh Lillia, I told you about liking my brother, he's a player, and he'll just break your heart." she says back

"I didn't mean that-" I stop then continue, "Forget about shopping, let's go to get some coffee, and I'll even drive." I smile as she smiles and walk downsrairs.

We get in car without even speaking. I know City hates me driving, mostly cause I cuss at people while I'm driving, but it's just me. City starts laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" I ask and start to giggle

"Oh nothing," she says and turns on the radio.

I decide to forget that she was laughing, and then I tune into the radio station. "I Like It Like That" by Hot Chelle Rae comes on.
I start to sing along then miss part, and bust out laughing. City gives me a smile and then joins me in this giggley moment.

We pass the coffee shop and continue on down through Boston.
"Uh Lillia, you passed the coffee shop, ugh, I don't want to go to the mall!" she whines

"Oh City, you'll be fine, I'll buy you coffee and a donut!" I say back

"Pssh you bribe me with food and coffee. I will pass." she says sarcastically

"Alright, coffee, donut, and a John Green book, I know how you just love his writing," I say then give her a giant smile.

"Deal. But you can't take forever okay?" she replys back

"Okay, I'll be as quick as I can go, but I can't make any promises." I say then turn into the parking lot

She laughs, "Of course."

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