The Rules of The Game [A Starkid Story]

Alright here's a Starkid Story!

All Starkid characters belong to Starkid.

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Also this story is made by me Nargle_Girl_13 and Pheo Fantasy_Fighter

Chapter 4

I Wanna Go To LeakyCon!

We pull into hell- scratch that, I mean the mall- and I start to jump a bit.
"I think I'm going to try Paper Towns this time...," I say with excitement. Lillia looks at me with a look that I can tell means she's confused, but I brush it off.
"Oh, and maybe a Doctor Who calend- Ugh! I don't have my money...."
"Calm yourself, child." Lillia pulls into a parking lot and looks at me. "I won't take long."
"'I won't take long.' she says. 'You'll have fun!' she says...," I mutter, fixing my hat with one hand and my glasses with the other. "If you take longer than an hour I will consider hijacking your car and leaving you here."
"Just go into Barnes and Noble, look around, and I'll be in when I get my outfit!" she says, rolling her eyes, but I'm sure I saw her tuck her keys into her pocket safely.. She hands me forty dollars. "Come on, then."

I hate the mall because it's like the hang out of everyone. The same people are always there. Like, don't you have another life to attend to? Where you hang out with your boyfriends and text and stuff?
But then again, I hardly have a life. Well it's better than their life, anyway.
I don't want to talk about it. Drop it.
As she makes her way to a nearby JCPenny's, I make my departure to the bookstore.

The funny thing about bookstores is that you can go in there looking for one thing and come out with five others. Other times, you can walk out with something completely different than what you went in for.
For example, I walk inside to find a John Green book, but end up purchasing The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Amoung that, I also managed a Deathly Hallows journal, a calligraphy set (which I'd probably never use) and a simple bookmark with the quote 'There are always flowers for those who want to see them'.
I place myself neatly with my things on a table in the cafe of the store and pull out my book. I read with my head tilted, eyes slightly scrunched. I don't know why I do it- maybe because I absorb more?

After a few pages I shut the book and look at the clock. It's been fifty five minutes.
Where the hell is she? I ask myself and furrow my eyebrows. But I decide it'd be best to find her, just in case. So I pack my things back into the bags, and made my way to JCP's.

I find her in the petite woman's section, looking sort of frantic and hurrying through clothes racks. I walk up next to her and watch her, then pull out a shirt and say, "How about this?"
"Oh my-" she exclaims, jumping, then laughs at herself. "Shoot. Sorry... I didn't see you."
"Lili, dah-ling, you must've found something by now." I look her over, and over the racks of clothing. Surely she found something.
"I... No." She runs a hand through her hair and puts her head back.
"Why don't we just go shopping another time to another store? Or you could go with Riley, she likes shopping...," I say, putting a hand on her shoulder in comfort.
"I guess...," she says, defeated. I hang the shirt back up, slap her back, and together we walk to the car.

"What if I don't find the right outfit?" she asks quietly. I smile over at her and say, "I don't think he'll care much, dear. You're beautiful. Now take me home."

Late chapter is late! :( BLAH sorry. I hope you enjoyed it, though. ^-^

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