You Could Be Anyone (A Brian Holden Story)

You Could Be Anyone (A Brian Holden Story)

I was reading Little Numbers (an AMAZING fanfic) and I got the idea for this.

I'll just warn you about language ahead of time just in case

It will be set up in the format of text messages, at least for the first few chapters.
So for text messages...
Riley will be in normal text
Brian will be in bold text
I'll let you know everyone else's if they pop in as a text

I think this is going to be super fun! Maybe a bit silly but... we'll just see where it goes alright?

Enjoy :)

Chapter 19


Erm... hi. I'm back. Surprise! Sorry for the delay... not sure when I'll be able to update anything again but just know I haven't forgotten about you!

Oh. And I may be breaking out of the usual format here in this chapter... ;)


(Monday November 28, 1:02 am)
Oh my god I'm so sorry I didn't text you yesterday! We've had a lot to do for the show and it's getting hectic.


Haha Brian it's fine! Jim told me you guys were busy so I didn't want to bother you. In case you didn't notice I didnt' text you either.



Oh yeah I finally got his number. I'm trying to make friends with your spy so he won't give you any more information on me.

Ugh I TOLD you, I'm not a creep. I promise.

You could be.

So could you.



[[I'm going to lunch at Freddy's. Meet me?]]
[[I promise I won't pester you about tomorrow.]]
[[Cuz you know... nothing's going to happen. You're just friends. Right?]]

Sometimes I want to stab you. You realize that right?

[[Meet you there in ten minutes :)]]


(Tuesday November 29, 10:21 am)
Ready for today?

Honestly? No. I'm stressed out.

Oh I'm sure you'll be fiiiiine.

Aw jeez thanks. You're so reassuring.

I know right? :)



(12:58 pm)
[[I'm coming over now okay?]]

Kaeli. It doesn't start until 7.

[[I know. Thank god I'm coming over now right? We're gonna make you gorgeous.]]


Restless crowd out here boss.

Well let them in. And then hurry back here. I'm dying.

Dying? Of what? Supes doesn't have stage fright does he?

You know perfectly well why I'm nervous.

Oh B-Hol. You adorable little thing you.



"Jim!" [[Riley rushes towards a huge man that's monitoring the crowd as they rush into the theatre. I exam him closely. Doesn't look like a lunatic. If this Brian guy keeps company as handsome as this guy then maybe he isn't too bad looking himself.]] "This is my friend I told you about. Kaeli, this is Jim," [[Riley tells me.]]
\"Nice to meet you"\ [[the giant says, shaking my hand firmly.]]
[["Same," I respond before following my friend into the theatre. We find our seats, right up front. I look over at Riley and smile. She's excited to see Brian, even if she won't admit it. I can tell just by the way she's sitting. Let's just hope everything goes according to plan.]]



Two minutes. Two minutes until the show starts and... and I'll see Brian. [["You are SO antsy. Quit fidgeting,"]] Kaeli complains. I roll my eyes at her but make an effort to keep myself still so she can't make anymore remarks about how I'm nervous about seeing my man.
Brian is NOT my man. Not in the slightest.
Sometimes I think Kaeli is completely delusional.



It's time for me to go on. And Riley is out there somewhere.
I can do this. I'm Superman. Yeah. I'm Superman.
Besides, maybe she didn't pick up a program. Maybe she still won't have any idea who I am.
Maybe I need to quit obsessing over someone I've never met.


Brian that was GREAT! You were hilarious!

Seriously? You coming to the meet and greet?

I can't. But yeah. You were great.



"Where is she?!" Lauren asks, bouncing up to see over the crowd that's already begun to gather around our autograph table.
"She isn't coming," I respond, pulling my phone out of my pocket to make sure I didn't miss another text from her saying it was just a joke and of course she wants to come talk to me. Nothing.
"You heard me Lauren. She said she can't."
I see Nick glance our way and wave half-heartedly to him. He gives me a look but Lauren shoos him away with a glare. "She was nervous. Jim told me she looked nervous."
"Yeah. I was nervous too."
"WAS? You mean you aren't now?"
"I danced in tights in front of her. What else do I have to lose at this point?" I ask Lauren as the first few people moved down the line towards us.
Lauren shrugs, "Guess that's true. She'll come around. I'm sure she had a legit reason she couldn't stick around."
"Yeah. Me too."



[["You're such an idiot."]]
"Thanks Kaeli. I didn't heard you the first twenty time you've told me."
[["I'm serious. You just missed a HUGE opportunity because you're scared. And Riley that boy was FINE."]]
"Yeah. He was really nice. But... I just can't. I'm not ready Kaeli okay? I thought it was nothing... I thought we were just friends."
[["Bull. You and I both know you had feelings for him from the start."]]
"You may have known that. But I just figured it out."

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