You Could Be Anyone (A Brian Holden Story)

You Could Be Anyone (A Brian Holden Story)

I was reading Little Numbers (an AMAZING fanfic) and I got the idea for this.

I'll just warn you about language ahead of time just in case

It will be set up in the format of text messages, at least for the first few chapters.
So for text messages...
Riley will be in normal text
Brian will be in bold text
I'll let you know everyone else's if they pop in as a text

I think this is going to be super fun! Maybe a bit silly but... we'll just see where it goes alright?

Enjoy :)

Chapter 2

Care to elaborate?

(Sunday August 25, 12:34 pm)


I was out of town.


I was out of town. That's why I texted my boyfriend asking if he could return my hamster last week. He was watching her for me.

Ah I see.
You know... If I was a stalker you would be giving me valuable information there.

You aren't a stalker.

How do you know?

What kind of stalker name is Brian? It's not very intimidating.

Whatever. I am all kinds of intimidating.

Prove it.

How am I supposed to do that?! I don't know who you are!

Because you aren't a stalker.

Because my name is Brian?



(Tuesday August 27, 10:11 am)
So you've obviously read the Harry Potter books.

What gives you that idea?

You named your hamster Umbridge.

No IM the hamster remember?

Can we be serious please?

Okay well maybe I resent my hamster so I named her a word that means resentment?


Oh my god I've read the books and seen the movies. Calm yourself.

I knew it!

Sure you did.

I did!!
So who's your favorite character?


(Tuesday August 27, 7:02 pm)
Mr. Darcy.

What? Who?

You asked me my favorite character. As of right now it is Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.
But that might just be because I'm rereading it again.

I meant out of the Harry Potter books

Oh! Well probably Tom Riddle. Or maybe Mundungus.

Please tell me you're joking.

XD I am.

Well who then?

Probably Hermione. I identify with her the most.

What, you're frumpy?

I resent that.

So yes?

I happen to be a beautiful person thank you very much.

I still don't know your name.
Annnnnd I've scared her away again.


(Tuesday August 27, 11:42 pm)
You know what I love most about the city?

What city?

Stalker question.

Okay sorry. What do you love about "the city"?

The people moving.

Care to elaborate?

I mean it's just so wonderful to look out my apartment window and see everyone moving about. There's a certain energy to it all.
Plus city people are so INTERESTING.

(Wednesday August 28, 12:00 am)
True. Happy Wednesday.

Oh wow. I'm up late.

Actually you're up early now.

You are ever so clever.

Thank you.

So what do you like the most?

About the city?


My friends.

And here I was thinking you'd say "the traffic" or something equally stupid and saracastic.

You think I'd be saracastic?

You just give off the sarcastic vibe.



I'm not sarcastic.

Everyone's sarcastic!

I suppose.

And the L. I love the L-Loop.



So you live in Chicago?



God! I'm a terrible liar! Even over text! How sad is that?

I guess it just shows you're a very genuine person.

So I'm frumpy but genuine?

I thought you said you were good looking?

I mean according to you.

Oh. Well yes.

So here's what I've gathered from talking to you so far: Brian. The boy. Musical writer. Full of compliments.
You sound like a very interesting person.


(Thursday August 29, 11:54 am)

My train!
Wait. You live in Chicago too?

I frequent Chi-town. Yes.

It's a boy name.


My name. It's a boy name.



Hunter? Tony? Joe?

No no and no.

Damn it.

Out of guesses?

No. I'm just pouting.

Get over yourself.


And you think that I'M the unattractive one? At least I don't go bleh

Hush. I'm trying to think.

..................... the world silences as Brian attempts to think.

You know for a stranger you sure are annoying.

So I've been told.

Alex? Jordan? Pat?

No to all of them. Give up yet?

Never. Taylor?

It's Riley.

Oh. Well. Hey Riley. :)

:) Hi Brian.

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