You Could Be Anyone (A Brian Holden Story)

You Could Be Anyone (A Brian Holden Story)

I was reading Little Numbers (an AMAZING fanfic) and I got the idea for this.

I'll just warn you about language ahead of time just in case

It will be set up in the format of text messages, at least for the first few chapters.
So for text messages...
Riley will be in normal text
Brian will be in bold text
I'll let you know everyone else's if they pop in as a text

I think this is going to be super fun! Maybe a bit silly but... we'll just see where it goes alright?

Enjoy :)

Chapter 3


(Friday August 30, 5:45 pm)
My friends and I are working on a Harry Potter musical. I suggested we make Umbridge a hamster but that was shot down pretty fast.


(Saturday August 31, 1:03 am)
Umbridge the hamster in a musical?! That'd be hilarious.



You woke me up.

Well I just got home. It's not my fault. You could have turned your ringer down or something. Right?

I'm still mad at you. And where were you until this late hour?

Stalker question.

I'm not a stalker though remember?!

But still....

Okay. Don't tell me.

If you MUST know, I was out clubbing with my boyfriend. Wowing everyone with my amazing dance moves.

Oh so are these drunk texts?

I was DD tonight.

Sucks to be you.

Oh I don't really mind it.

Well while you were out having fun I was sleeping. Until someone rudely woke me up.

Like I said, not my fault.

You know, you should go to sleep.

But we just started a conversation!

Goodnight Riley.

Night Brian.


(Monday September 2, 1:15 pm)
So I'm riding the L and there's a girl sitting next to me. Is it you?
Nope her phone didn't go off.

I, my dear friend, am safe and sound in my apartment at the moment. It isn't me.

I already came to that conclusion. But thanks for the confirmation.

Or maybe it is me but I'm just really sneaky with my texting....

Or maybe it isn't you.

You are NO FUN.

Au contraire. I am quite fun.

I beg to differ. You won't even consider the fact that I may be a texting ninja.

Okay so I asked the girl sitting next to me if she has recieved any texts while she's been sitting by me. She said no and then moved to a different seat...


I did.

Oh that's great XD

So glad I could entertain you.

Me too but I gotta run.

Clubbing again?

It's a bit early for that don't you think? I'm off to meet my editor and then dinner with Aaron.


The boyfriend.

Ah have fun.

You too! Don't scare any more girls!!!


(Wednesday September 4, 2:21 pm)
How was your meeting with your editor?

Don't even get me started. I might just find you and slit your throat if you bring it up.

And all this time I thought I was the stalker....

You think I'm kidding but I'm not.

What happened?
Riley come on.


(Saturday September 7, 2:21 pm)

Care to explain your absence?
Sore subject?

Just drop it Brian.
Basically my book sucks.

You didn't put the whole pancake orgasm thing in it did you?!

You are so NOT helping!


No I am. It's not your fault.


Anyways I'd better go try to finish this chapter. I just wanted to let you know I'm not mad at you.

Why's it matter? It's not like you know me.

But I feel like I do.

Maybe you actually do!

I just keeping thinking back to the idea that you could be anyone.

It's weird to think about.

Yeah. Okay I really do have to go. Bye!

Good luck.


(Sunday September 8, 6:02 am)
So I finished the chapter.


(Sunday September 28, 9:18 am)

Someone's in a good mood today.

Yeah because I had my ringer off so you didn't wake me up. I feel accomplished.

Whatever makes you feel special....

Well it does thank you very much.


Gasp! Are YOU in a good mood too?

Well I'm not in a BAD mood so you could say that I guess. I'm just happy I got that all revised and stuff. It IS a lot better this time around...

Maybe your editor knows what they're talking about.

Don't push it.

Okaaaay we'll change topics then. What's your favorite color?


I want to get to know you more.

My stalker alarm is going off again...

Okay fine! We'll have a safe word if things get too personal. Umbridge is the safe word.

Aw my hamster?

Yes now what's your favorite color?



That was a test run....

Would you answer the question please?

Red. And you?


Oh we clash horribly!

I was gonna say we were Christmas...

Oh I like that better.

Which leads to my next question... favorite holiday?

Boxing Day.


Boxing Day. The day after Christmas?


Yeah. Okay... do you live alone or with a roommate?

Roommates. Plural.

Oooo. How many?

Hey! It's my turn!


What part of Chi-Town do you live in?



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