I Was Never Good Enough For You .:MarauderEra/HarryEraFanFiction:.

This is the exception for my 'NOINFOFORYOU' claus. Cuz... i can.
Name: Quila Markus
Future Job: Journalist
Looks: Freckles, Glasses, Short, Long brown hair with bangs, green eyes.
House: Hufflepuff
There will be flashbacks. They will be like this. And they will be flashbacks to the marauder era.

Chapter 1

Back in School

I walked through the doors of my old school with the first years. Not that i was a first year. Im older. Much older now. I was actually here for the year to interview and study the teachers methods and the students reactions. I followed them to the Great Hall and interviewed some of them. Then Albus Dumbledor called me up to explain what was going to happen with me here. "Hi, i'm Quila Markus, with the School Reviewer. I'll be here for the next year, interviewing you and the teachers, seeing how well the teachers teaching methods are. Thank you for letting me here and have a good year!" I sat down beside Albus and he smiled at me. "What?"

"You rhymed." I giggled. "So, anyways. Before we get on with the sorting, i must tell you something." I nodded. "Later im getting all the teachers together for a small get together so you can meet all of them. Is that fine with you?"

"Oh, of course, Albus." He smiled and nodded, then got up to start with the sorting. Throughout the whole thing i took notes on the childrens reactions, and Albus' speech. After it was over i walked with Albus up to his office, holding onto his arm as we were hurdled upwards. "Gee! I forgot all about that! Its been so long since i've been here." I said, fixing my skirt.

"Mm, yes. Here we are," He said as we entered his large office. "I'll leave you to mingle amongst them." I nodded and walked around, talking to everyone.

I was talking with Sybill when a man in a dark cape walked in. He talked in a hushed tone with Albus and glanced to the side. "Sevie..." I whispered.

"Hi," I said to the boy across from me. I was sitting with him on the train, because there were no other seats.

"Hello." Silence.

"Well... I'm Quila."

"That's nice," Silence.

It was like that until a red head came in. "Sevie! I was trying to find you!" She plopped down beside him.

"Hi, Lily," He smiled at her. "Sorry about that."

"Oh, who's this?"

"I'm Quila Markus! Nice to meet you."

"I'm Lily," She smiled and shook my hand. "I dont think Sevie here has introduced himself yet, knowing him, but this is Severus," She turned to Severus. "Sev, shake her hand." He did so and i grinned at him. "So, what house do you think you'll be in?"

"Oh, it doesn't really matter to me, but my parents were both pureblood, so they hope i get into Slytherin."

"Mm, well Sevie wants to be in Slytherin too, maybe you'll be there together! I though, want to be in Ravenclaw, because i'm pretty smart." I nodded.

The whole way over we all talked, and i thought that we'd all be the best of friends. Boy, was i wrong.

"Quila? Quila? Hello?" Sybill was shaking me.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I, uh, blackout sometimes..." I glanced at Severus. "Please, excuse me a moment... I need some air." I walked out. Then i walked and walked and walked until i ended up on a balcony. "Why is he here?"

"If you are reffering to me," I turned, seeing that Severus had followed me. "It's because i teach potions here."

I put on a fake smile. "Sev!" I went over and hugged him. "I havent seen you in so long."

"Likewise," He awkwardly put his arms around me. "What exactly are you doing here, Quila?"

"Oh, you're not happy to see me?" I put my hands on my hips and grinned.

"Well, seeing you now brings back some not so good memories..." I swear i saw tears swell up in his eyes as he turned to head down the stairs.

"Right... I heard about that. Look, i dont think its my place to say sorry, but i really dont know what else i can do. I will be here for the next year or so to analyse and interview everyone, so i cant help it if i remind you of Lily and our times here." I fixed my glasses. "Besides," I said, hoping he would let up and relax. "You cant change the past," I grabbed his arm so i could stay at his pace. "But you can always hope for the future."

He just nodded. "Well, i hope you have a wonderful time here. Might i ask where you are staying?" I shrugged.

"Wherever Albus seems fit, i guess. Most likely hufflepuff, since that's where i was put before..." I twiddled with my quil as we walked on. "So, why were you up in the astronomy tower?"

"Wanted to get away," He glanced at me, sidways. "You?"

"Same..." I grinned. "Remember when we were younger and went up to the astronomy tower?"

"That was so long ago, I can barely remember."

"I can. We used to sneak up to study alone. You me and Lily."

"Ow, that was my foot!" I whispered when Severus stepped on it.

"Ssh." I was about to walk forward and follow Lily across the hall when Severus put a hand in front of me.

"Whenever a teacher came, we hid immediately."

"Hm?" He nodded forward and we saw a teacher coming. We quickly hid behind some armour. It was quite the tight squeeze, but we weren't caught.

"When we got to the top we'd laugh at how we weren't caught and start trying to study."

"Hm, well that was then, and this is now. Get your head out of the clouds and do your job." I stopped short. This wasn't the Severus I remembered. I can't believe after all these years, I still harboured feelings for him, when he's been such a pig.


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