An Angel and A Redhead (Ron Weasley love story)

here is the Ron weasley story. i am not going to continue until the one i am on now is done.i have a feeling its going to be over soon though. well during this story its going to have the adventures the golden trio goes on but it won't follow everything as it does in the books. i hope everyone likes it!

Celia looks like this:

Chapter 1

character info

Name: Celia Hope Mayo

looks: almond-shaped eyes the color of smoke. Her fine, wavy, medium-length hair is the color of the sun,She has a muscular build.average weight (130 lbs) Her skin is cream-colored. She has a small mouth and small hands.medium height (5'6) Her wardrobe is practical, with a lot of orange and red.

positives in personality: calm, cheerful, kind, brave, selfless, smart, funny, loyal, true, optimistic

negatives: to concern with other feelings, never thinks about herself, what she thinks is right may get her into some arguments. stubborn, can come off as strange since she is always happy and sees the good in people.

house: gryffindor

wand: 14inch holly with unicorn tail hair

other: she is an angel, she was sent back down to earth on a mission, she knows if she falls in love she will become a normal witch, her parents are always watching over her just in case. The Weasley twins are her first friends she meets at Hogwarts

quidditch: just a supporter

best friends: the golden trio, Neville, Luna, Ginny, the twins

enemies: no one.. sees who everyone is deep down

birthday: March 3rd

blood: half (dad was a muggleborn witch and mom was a pureblood)

likes: hanging out with friends, jokes, sports, arts

dislikes: nothing. since she sees the beauty in everything.

ability: besides an angel? she is an animagus (turns into a dove)

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