How I met my Boyfriend

How I met my Boyfriend

It was a Friday night. My friend Rachel & I (Kona) wanted to go into town to meet up with some friends but we couldn't find a ride. My dad was super busy that night & my brother kept making excuses on not giving use a ride.

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Chapter 1


by: Haiiu
My friend Rachel & I, were sitting in my room when she got a text from her friend Tanya. She asked if we were going into town or not & we'd said we'd try. Knowing Rachel who really wanted to see her close friend she haven't seen in a while, begged me to asked my dad to drive us into town. He was way to busy singing at the school for some people. I kept asking & asking for him to find somebody who was going into town that night, but he had no luck. We had fun looking for a ride tho, haha. We were pretty much stalking people. (Me & Rachel.)
So finally my dad call my brother, but knowing big brothers... Ugh. He hesitated the whole time. When we finally got in the car. I had my seat belt buckled & everything. "Uho! No gas!" Said my brother. He got out of the car & left. I was so mad & upset, cause I really wanted to go into town that night.
Later my dad asked if we could wait until tomorrow & that he'd promise he'd take us after the game. So we just went home & slept.

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